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All were lucky with Sub Prime’s Hill Yeah beat down. Frijole EHs Fraiser.




QIC: Subprime

Pax: Gilligan, Frijole, Hammer, Scubin, Sweet Pea, Helo, Turnamis, Bada Bing, Stone, Cesar, Ice-T, Van Gogh, Sailor, FNG Frasier, and guest appearance by 88 to take the selfie

Lap around the track
17 Side straddle hops – in cadence
17 Heisman – in cadence
17 Standing mountain climbers – in cadence
17 Punches (2 jabs/2 uppercuts) – in cadence
Indian Run

Side Stretches
Quad stretches
Hamstring stretches
Butt stretches
Hug yourself
Big arm circles (forward/backward)
Overhead arm stretch

Fire brigade to get the coupons
4 Corners (with the coupons) x 4
12 Squats
24 Merkins
12 Lunges – each leg
12 Back Rows

1 more round without the coupons, getting rid of the weight slowing us down.

Shoulder Press (with coupon)/Tuck Jump

Fire brigade to put the coupons back





2 Iron Project talks, 2 Hill Yeah Beat downs, 10 FNGs and F3 Royalty in the House.

This weekend welcomed OBT back to the Bay to deliver 2 Iron Project talks as San Mateo hosted a Men’s Catholic Conference.   OBT shared the F3 journey and mission to over 150 men during Friday night/Sat morning talks.   OBT also Qd the Sat beat down at Hill Yeah.   Hammer Qd the first Sunday beat down as F3 welcomed 10 FNGs over the weekend.  Gilligan, Fracker, Whoopie, Samwise Gamgee, E-40, Strip Mall, Harbaugh, Friar, Slacker, Tetanus, welcome to F3.  F3 SF Peninsula Royalty Peyton came up for the weekend as did our brothers Priorities, Sharkbait from Monterey.   Thanks to Shanerock for his part in getting the Iron Project on-board for this weekend.   Finally, thanks to all the PAX for your continued contributions to F3 and each other.  Iron sharpens Iron.


Turnimus Qs for nine as Bada Bing EHs a Stone.



QIC: Turnimus

Pax: Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Frijole, El Pastor, Data, Stone (FNG), Sub Prime, Van Gogh

Warm up:
(In the parking lot)

Overhead Arm Circles x10 (foreward and back)
Crossbody Arm stretches, each arm 10 count
Shoulder stretches 10 count
Hamstring stretches, each leg 10 count
Quadricep stretches, each leg 10 count

Getting Warmer :

SSHs x 25 I.C.
Imperial Walkers, 3 count I.C. x 25
High Knees, 3 count I.C. x 25

25 Merkins o.y.o.
25 Air Squats o.y.o.
25 L.B.C.’s o.y.o.
Rinse and Repeat, 3 more times

0.75 Mile Mosey up and down the Alameda for retrieval of coupons (23 lb retaining wall blocks/stones)
Block Brigade the coupons to the A.O. 9 PAX + 20 blocks = 2 fun filled trips

Carry blocks to the goal line and line up.

Quarter Pounder:
-Sprint to the 25 yard line, 25 merkins, run backwards to the goal line, plank up and wait for the 6.
-Sprint to the 50, 50 air squats, run backwards to the goal line, plank up
-Sprint to the opposite 25, 75 Mtn. Climbers, run backwards to the goal line, plank.
-Sprint to opposite goal, 100 SSHs, run backwards to opposite goal line, plank.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
-Rinse and Repeat with coupons in hand the whole way.

We had just enough time to block brigade the coupons to a safe and secure location on the A.O. so #YHC won’t have to lug these bad boys in each and every time. This also allows for anybody who has the Q to incorporate some punishment on the PAX, should he so desire.



Naked Moleskin:

9 strong and dedicated men showed up to what looked like was going to be monsoon weather. Turned out to be a glorious (although brisk) sunny California saturday! We had an FNG in Stone, who was doing bleachers the previous Saturday. Bada Bing brought the E.H. and wrangled him in. Next week, we are going to be blessed by having a member of PAX royalty lead the Q. OBT will be delivering a beatdown Saturday AND Sunday, along with speaking at the men’s conference. It’s sure to be educational, if not torturous. I can’t wait to embrace the suck!!!

Get there!!

Bada Bing Qs his own B-day Beat Down. “Respect”. Welcome to the 5-O Club.


Q- Bada Bing

Pax- Shanerock, Docent, Scuban, Sweet Pea, Data, Turnimus, Sailor, Frijole, Sub Prime, El Pastor, Helo

Part A – Movement Prep
Jog football field perimeter with side straddles on baselines
Repeat above with cariocas on baselines
Knee hugs to 25 – walk back
Leg cradles to 25 – walk back
Flamingos to 25 – walk back
Scoops to 25 – walk back
Ankle skips to 25 and back
Mid calf skips to 25 and back
Hi knee skips to 25 and back
Lateral shuffle (3 shuffles) transition to strider pace to the 40
Lateral shuffle (3 shuffles) transition to strider pace to the 40

Part B – Conditioning
Repeat 200’s (8 ea per person) in a team relay format

Part C – Strength
Hands free push ups x 10 ea
Lunge matrix x 5 ea leg
Tempo push ups (2:1:2) x 10 ea
Pause squat x 10 ea
Inchworm push up x 10 ea
Split squat (2:1:2) x 5 ea leg

Part D – Core
Lateral planks w/ knee drive x 10 ea side
Swimmers x 30 ea
Plank to alternate pike x 10 ea side
Single Leg twist sit up x 10 ea side




PAX of 10 endure 300s.


QIC Hammer
PAX Helo, Docent, Data, Turnimus, Bada Bing, Sailor, Sweet Pea, Sub Prime, Ice T and Shadow Man.
Warm up
Lap on track
High knees to the 50 and back.
25 SSHs
High Knees to the 50 and Back
25 SSHs
Side shuffle to then 50 and back x 2

The Thang
One lap Indian Run

300s . (Partner up)
From goal line
Each team performs 300 LBCs, 300 Air squats, 300 Merkins
One partner performs the exercise while other partner runs to the opposite goal line and back.
Partners switch. Running partner continues the exercise count while other partner runs. Partners combine to complete 300 of each exercise.

25 SSHs

Mosey to Alameda

Jacobs Ladder with Burpees

Mosey back to AO

25 SSHs



“Called to Lead” The Iron Project lands in the Golden State. Sat March 10th. Get There

As mentioned at COT announcements this Sat, F3 co-founder OBT (Tim Whitmire) will Q the Hill Yeah! workout on Sat. March 10th, and will be giving a talk at a Catholic men’s conference that same day titled “Called to Lead” at St. Bart’s Church in San Mateo. And he plans to lead a second workout on Sunday morning March 11th 7am, at the same AO, Hillsdale HS, so that any men inspired by his talk can come experience a F3 workout firsthand.

All men are welcome and encouraged to attend the conference, along with your teenaged sons.
St. Bartholomew’s Church
600 Columbia Dr, San Mateo CA
Event 9:00am-3:30pm .  Register on-line at   There will also be an opportunity to register at 8:00am on March 10th at the event.
And here is a summary of OBT’s planned talk:

Freed to Lead: F3 and the Unshackling of the Modern-day Warrior

Tim Whitmire, co-founder of F3 Nation, tells the story of the free men’s workout movement from its origins at a Charlotte, N.C., park more than a decade ago to the present day, with more than 1,350 weekly workouts in 25 states.

F3’s three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith, and Whitmire will discuss how solving men’s need for the first two Fs has unleashed the “dynamite” of the Third F – tens of thousands of men in hundreds of communities across the United States acting with purpose to make their world a better place.

Whitmire will explain how F3’s core principles and counter-cultural community standards are essential to the group’s mission, which is to plant, grow and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Note: For conference attendees who would like to experience F3 firsthand, Whitmire will lead workouts on Saturday morning, March 10th, and Sunday morning, March 11th. Both workouts will go from 7-8 a.m. at the Hillsdale High School football field in San Mateo. First-time attendees should simply show up in workout clothes and shoes; if it is cold, you may want gloves. F3’s credo is “We leave no man behind, and we leave no man where we found him,” so do not worry about being able to keep up as the workout is designed to keep the whole group together. The workouts are free and open to all men.

Tim Whitmire grew up in Northern California and is a 1988 graduate of San Francisco University High School. He worked for more than a decade as a reporter for The Associated Press and has held positions with various financial services firms in Charlotte, where he has lived since 2000. He is co-founder and managing partner of The Iron Project, which offers leadership development and training derived from F3 and its sister organization, Females in Action.


The 6535. A day to remember.




QIC   Helo

Pax    Caesar, Rudy, Bada Bing, Scuban, Hammer, Ice-T, 88, Sub Prime, Van Gogh, Choppa, Turnimus, Sweet Pea, Shanerock

5 minutes of stretching:
Perfect stretch

The Thang

The “6535 workout to remember”:
65 air squats, 35 burpees, 400 yard run
(Repeat x4)

2 minutes plank
28 ssh
120 lunges

2 mins Stretch




Helo dedicated this beat down to the 4 lost Coast Guardsmen of 6535 who unfortunately crashed during a night mission on Feb 12th, 2012.

PAX of 16, including 4 FNGs, get the weekend started right.



QIC- Hammer

PAX- FNG Baymax, FNG Ice-T, FNG Ponzi, FNG Caesar, Turnimus, Sailor, Data, Baretta, Tornado, Sub Prime, El Pastor, Bada Bing, Sweet Pea, Docent, Rudy

Warm up

Lap on track

High knees to 50 and back. 25 SSHs x 2

Side straddle to 59 and back. 25 SSHs x 2

The thang

Indian Laps x 2

From Goal Line   Partner up.   1st guy bear crawls to the 20. (1st guy still on goal line)   Both partners perform 20 LBCs.  2nd guy bear crawls to 20.   1st guy bear crawls to 40.   Both perform 20 LBCs.   This continues every 20 yards until opposite goal line reached.

Then return to opposite goal line by doing Crawl Bears and performing 15 Merkins instead of LBCs.

Mosey to the Alameda for Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees.  ( You’re welcome)

Mosey back to AO

From goal line.   Sprint to Center of field and circle up for 6 MoM.




Mountie had his VQ this week but had to postpone due to the flu.  Get better Mountie.   PAX was ready for a cerveza salute but instead got Hammered.   We welcomed 4 FNGs to the PAX.   Baymax, Caesar, Ponzi and Ice-T.





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