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What is F3 ?

F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. We plant, grow and serve these groups to invigorate male community leadership.

F3 — our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith — traces its roots to a free, participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings at a Charlotte, N.C., park since 2006. The co-founders of F3 are David Redding, “Dredd,” and Tim Whitmire, “OBT,” who launched their first Saturday workout on 1/1/11 on the campus of A.G. Middle School in Charlotte.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Our Core Principles

F3 workouts …

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust


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Back Blasts

Home of “how it went down!!”  Aye!!

You Q’d.   Share your beat down.


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Turnimus Qs a Block Brigade of 16 at HANGAR 1 as F3 welcomes 3 FNGs.


QIC: Turnimus

Pax: Mustang, Edison, Prius, Yammster, Virus, Buffy (FNG), Kaiser, Caesar, Subprime, Corky, Chowda (FNG), Droid, Tornado, Preppy, Creampuff (FNG), Turnimus

Warm up:

Static Stretching
-Arm and Shoulders
-Quads and Hamstrings
-Toe Touches

Arm Circles x 10 each way
SSHs x 15 I.C.
Imperial Walkers x 15 I.C.
HIgh Knees in place x 15 I.C.

Indian Run lap on the track.
-Single-file line of runners in which the last guy sprints to the front. Rinse, repeat.

The Thang:

Block Brigade:
-Mosey to Y.H.C. truck and single file behind the truck (16 deep), we continue to unload 23 lb retaining wall blocks, brigade style. As instructed by the QIC, we kept the blocks overhead, until everyone had a coupon in the air, then we walk back to the A.O……blocks overhead the whole way. Line up at goal line, blocks in front of you.

Quarter Pounder:
-Sprint to the 25 yard line, 25 merkins, run backwards to the goal line, plank up and wait for the 6.
-Sprint to the 50, 50 air squats, run backwards to the goal line, plank up
-Sprint to the opposite 25, 75 Mtn. Climbers, run backwards to the goal, plank.
-Sprint to opposite goal, 100 SSHs, run backwards to opposite goal line, plank.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
-Rinse and Repeat with coupons in hand the whole way.

Double Quarter Pounder:
-Rinse and Repeat withOUT coupons.

Black Snake lap on track.
-Take an Indian Run, but the last guy has to weave his way through the Pax to the front of the line.

Line back up at goal line in front of your blocks. With blocks in hand, we did a bicep curl to overhead shoulder press back down to a reverse curl. x 15 I.C.
-Rinse and Repeat for a 2nd Set.

Six Minutes of Mary:
(Don’t forget those coupons, I didn’t bring them for nothing.)
Circle up at 50, on your 6, coupons overhead.
-Low Flutters X 15 I.C.
-High Flutters X 15 I.C.
-Low Dollys X 15 I.C.
-High Dollys X 15 I.C.
-L.B.C.’s X 25 o.y.o.

Rinse and Repeat for a 2nd Set.


Naked Moleskin:

Week 3 at HANGAR 1 and all systems are a go! 2 more FNG’s via the Nextdoor App. Not sure who gets the #tclaps, Subprime for steady promoting on Nextdoor or all the M’s on Nextdoor who tell their husbands about F3? Either way, it’s being given away. Speaking of giving it away, Edison coming thru strong and early with the E.H. of Buffy. Looking back on my VQ at Hillyeah!, I just knew I had to introduce the men to the concept of coupons. 23 lb. retaining wall blocks were just what the doctor ordered. HANGAR 1 now has it’s own set of coupons, conspicuously stashed at the A.O., should anyone feel compelled on their next Q. Mustang, Subprime and Turnimus round out the next 3 Q’s but we are still looking for a few good men to ring that #2ndbell and lead us in a workout. YHC is also waiting for some of the other Hillyeah! regulars to make their inaugural visit to HANGAR 1! (sup wit dat?)

Coffeteria at Roger’s Deli seem to suit us just fine. Plenty spacious, coffee as black as my badass black F3 shirt and plenty of breakfast options. I’m just not sure what’s harder, the 60 minute beatdown we endure at 7am or the decision to stay away from the bacon covered maple bars?

Lastly, pre-orders for HANGAR 1 shirts end on Thursday the 24th. We are fully funded so the shirts will go to print and will be sent out and delivered by mid June but once the pre-order ends, this design wont be available for purchase. If you’re looking for some new F3 SF PENINSULA gear, this design is once again available. Pre-orders will be taken till 5/30.

P.S. HANGAR ONE workouts every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45am (45 min) and STEPS at Central Elementary in Belmont, every Wednesday and Friday, 5:30am (45 min).

GET THERE! See you in the Gloom!

Sailor is back and Qs 12 as F3 welcomes FNG Sweeper.



Q = Sailor

PAX: Bada Bing, Angler, Gilligan, Mountie, Sweet Pea, Dang, IceT, Helo, El Pastor, Scuban, Sweeper (FNG)


Arm Circles (Sun Gods)
Runners Stretch
Prisoner Squats (25)

The Thang:

10 Slow Tempo No Hands Merkins
15 Slow Tempo Squats

10 Hurpees (Hand Release Burpees)
Jump Squats w/ Hallelujahs

10 Derkins
15 Split Squats per leg
20 Dips

Yoga (yes Yoga) Poses
Tree Pose
Warrior Pose
Chair Pose
Chattaranga Pose (Halfway Push Up)
Bridge Pose (Back Plank)
30 secs each

Red Barchetta
100 yd dash – 100 SSHs
75 yd dash – 75 Mtn Climbers
50 yd dash – 50 LBCs
25 yd dash – 25 merkins
10 yd dash – 10 burpees

V-sit kickout
V-sit hold
Leg raise
Leg raise hold
30 secs each, rest in plank 30 secs (perform 5 merkins during rest)

Lt Dan
(Right Lunge, Left Lunge, Squat, Merkin to the 100 yd line and back)


Naked Moleskin
Welcomed FNG Sweeper to the PAX, EH’d by Sweet Pea, nice work! Scuban busts out the cervesa’s to welcome back Sailor after a brief hiatus. Summer is approaching quickly, heat had a definite impact today especially during the Lt. Dan. Looking forward to the Murph in two weeks and more PAX returning as well as new FNGs

16 endure the “Mustang Special” as F3 welcomes FNGs Corky and Zelda.



QIC Mustang

PAX  Corky (FNG), Pirate, Hammer, MoMo, Droid, Kaiser, Edison, Chief, Monster, Boot, Sub Prime, Grouch, Turnimus, Rudy, Zelda (FNG)

Basic leg and arm stretches

Run full lap

The Thang

Side Shuffle to the 50 facing school
15 Burpees on the 50
Side shuffle to the end zone
Run backwards to the opposite end zone


Side Shuffle to the 50 facing the opposite direction
15 Burpees on the 50
Side shuffle to the end zone
Run backwards to the opposite end zone


Run full lap

Knee Highs to the 50
15 Burpees on the 50
Knee Highs to the end zone
Sprint to the opposite end zone


Run a full lap

Bear crawl to the 20 + 10 merkins
Bear crawl to the 40 + 10 merkins
10 Burpees on the 50
Bear crawl to the 40 + 10 merkins
Bear crawl to the 20 + 10 merkins
Bear crawl to the end zone + 10 merkins
Sprint to opposite end zone


Run full lap

Sprint to opposite end zone
Side Shuffle to the 50
10 Burpees on the 50
Side shuffle to the end zone


Sprint to opposite end zone
Knee Highs to the 50
10 Burpees on the 50
Knee Highs to the end zone


Run full lap- Run to mid-point of track backwards, switch direction and complete the full lap





Pirate in the Bay, HANGAR 1 beat down 5/10/18.


QIC: Subprime
PAX: Segway, Kaiser, Virus, Pirate (FNG)


The Thang:
4 Corners – using the corners of the endzone
*Start at the corner of the goal line
*25 Merkins
*Run to the next corner
*25 Squats
*Run to the next corner
*25 LBCs
*Run to the next corner
*24 Squats
Repeat 4 times
Single the line – start at the goal line
*Sprint to the 10, sprint back
*Sprint to the 20, sprint back
*Sprint to the 30, sprint back
*Sprint to the 40, sprint back
*Sprint to the 50, sprint back
Double the line – start at the goal line
*Sprint to the 10, sprint back x 2
*Sprint to the 20, sprint back x 2
*Sprint to the 30, sprint back x 2
*Sprint to the 40, sprint back x 2
*Sprint to the 50, sprint back x 2
Six minutes of Mary
*20 low flutters – in cadence
*20 low dollies – in cadence
*20 low flutters – in cadence
*20 high dollies – in cadence
*1 minute plank

Naked Mole Skin
A PAX of 5 showed up for an early morning beat down. It was good to see returning faces. Virus came out for all 3 workouts this week. Next Door helped get the word out to welcome FNG Pirate.


HANGAR 1 welcomes FNG Segway, hosts Huggy Bear and completes a Cooper.


QIC: Subprime
PAX: Monster, Hammer, Baretta, Chief, Virus, FNG Segway, and Huggy Bear all the way from NC
*21 Side Straddle Hops – in cadence
*High knees across the football field – sprint back
*Butt kickers halfway across the field – sprint bacl
The Thang:
The Cooper
*Lap around the track
10 Burpees
10 Squats
10 Merkins
*Lap around the track
9 Burpees
9 Squats
9 Merkins
*Lap around the track
1 Burpee
1 Squat
1 Merkin
10 Burpees
10 Squats
10 Merkins
Naked Moleskin:
It was great to see so many guys return after the launch of #hanger1 on Saturday. Hammer was an awesome surprise from Hill Yeah and Huggy Bear visited us from NC. We welcomed FNG Segway. Segway told me after the last workout he had to leave early for a splash of merlot. Keep expanding in the Golden State!

New AO, HANGAR 1, launches in Mountain View as Turnimus and Sub Prime Q PAX of 21 w/ 8 FNGS.



QIC: Turnimus and Subprime

PAX: Baretta, Bada Bing, Sweet Pea, Rudy, Turnimus, Subprime, Ice-T, Grouch, Droid, Mustang, Mayhem, Ponzi, Virus (FNG), Preppy (FNG), Monster (FNG), Monkey Wrench (FNG), Kaiser (FNG), Chief (FNG), Boot (FNG), Prius (FNG)


*Mosey around the track
*25 side straddle hops – in cadence
*25 High Knees (in place) – in cadence
*25 Butt Kickers (in place) – in cadence

-Dynamic Stretching:
*Hug yourself
*Quad stretches
*Hamstring stretches
*Hip Flexor stretches
*Big arm circles (forward/backward)
*Windmill stretches
*Lap around the track

The Thang:

-Modified Shock N Awe

*10 Merkins – slow count cadence (3 count on the way down, 1 count on the way up)
*10 Air Squats – slow count cadence (3 count on the way down, 1 count on the way up)
*10 Mountain climbers – in cadence
*9 Merkins (I.C.)
*9 Air Squats (I.C.)
*9 Mountain Climbers (I.C.)
*8 Merkins (I.C.)
*8 Air Squats (I.C.)
*8 Mountain Climbers (I.C.)
*7 Merkins (I.C.)
*7 Air Squats (I.C.)
*7 Mountain Climbers (I.C.)
(you get the idea – all the way down to a set of 2 reps, then…)
*10 Merkins (I.C.)
*10 Air Squats (I.C.)
*10 Mountain Climbers (I.C.)

-Find a partner and take a lap around the track, then circle up at the 50 yd line.
*Partner merkins – one in plank position, one does 25 derkins with feet on partner’s back – switch and repeat

-Find a new partner and take a lap around the track, then circle back up.
*Partner leg lifts – one on their six while the other stands overhead then the one laying down, lifts legs 25 times to their partner, while the one standing pushes legs back down – switch and repeat

-Find a new partner and take a lap around the track, then circle back up.
*Army setups – One does 25 full situps, one holds down the other’s legs – switch and repeat.

-Elevens (11s)
Line up at the Goal Line, do 10 Carolina Dry Docks, sprint to the 30 yd line, then 1 Box Jump (knees high as possible) Run back to the Goal Line.
9 Carolina Dry Docks, Run to the 30, 2 Box Jumps, Run back
8 Carolina Dry Docks, Run to the 30, 3 Box Jumps, Run back
7 C.D.D., Run, 4 B.J., Run
Finish when you get to 1 Carolina Dry Dock and 10 Box Jumps.

Timing worked out pretty well as most ended the hour with a 90 – 60 second plank to complete.



Circle of Trust

Naked Moleskin:

Houston, we have lift-off! The successful launch of SF Peninsula’s newest A.O. is in the books and it went as well as could be expected. (maybe a little better) The A.O., newly remodeled Crittenden Middle School, offers a brand new field-turf and track that will be a site for many beat downs to come.
Subprime and YHC appreciates all who came down from Hillyeah to help us with the launch. We hope to see more of our Hillsdale brothers over the next couple weeks at Hanger 1.

Name-o-Rama took a considerable amount of time, especially when it includes 9 FNGs! A bunch of E.H.’s and Nextdoor App brought us our newest members.

Since SF Peninsula was responsible for including the Cerveza Saulte into the official F3 Lexicon, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by. Yes, it’s normally reserved for a VQ and yes, it’s normally with Budweiser but we felt it apropos to celebrate the launch with a cerveza salute of our own and since it is Cinco de Mayo, we opted for Modelo Especial (to keep it on the light side).

No off-site coffeteria, since we had our cervezas and lots of chatter with the new guys, but Droid was kind enough to bring a carafe o’ Joe and some cups for that didn’t want to chug an 8am brewski. Going forward, Coffeteria will be held at Rogers Deli. It about 2 miles from the A.O.

Next week is week 2 for Hanger 1 and Mustang has the Q. Subprime and Turnimus will be taking the next couple of weeks after that as solo Qs but we are looking for some sign ups going forward. Look forward to seeing some of you in Mountain View and hoping to see all of the FNG’s back next week (fingers crossed)

Get there!

Free coupons as Scuban Qs at Hill Yeah! and welcomes FNG Angler



QIC: Scuban

PAX: Docent, Mountie, Sailor, Shanerock, Stone, Scuban, Angler (FNG)

Warm Up:
21High Knees in place
Rinse Repeat 3x

Mosey to bleachers
15 dips
15 Derkins
30 step ups
Rinse Repeat 3x

Grab a coupon mosey to goal line
Lungs walk coupon overhead 25 yards 25 o/h tri extensions
Rinse Repeat 25 squats coupon raised
Rinse Repeat 25 tri extensions
Rinse Repeat 25 squats
Recover on 6 coupon overhead legs up 90
Lunge walk 50 yards runish to goal line
Recover on 6 as before

Line up on goal line
Peter Parkers 10 yards, 10 Merkins Rinse Repeat to opposite goal line 9, 8, 7 …. Merkins

Goal line 10 yards 1 Merkin back to opposite goal line increasing Merkins each time to 10

Coupon overhead on 6 for 6 mins of Mary IC
15 low Dolly’s
15 high Dolly’s
15 low Rosie’s
15 high Rosie’s
Iron Hulks to 7 Merkins : 28 air presses
Coupon overhead runish to 25
15 overhead presses
Rinse Repeat 20 curls
Rinse Repeat 25 upright rows
Rinse Repeat 30 tri extensions
Coupon Runish 25 yards 10 squats Rinse Repeat 4x
Return coupons at coupon counter
Naked Moleskin:
Good showing to keep the light on at Hill Yeah. Missed the Hanger1 cohort. Not a lot of mumble chatter and although Q couldn’t bear crawl this week Mountie pointed out that Peterparkers are just slow bear crawls. No cervezas or BWCD’s but didnhave FNG that Hammer EHd at the AO a few weeks back, welcome commrade Angler

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