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What is F3 ?

F3 is a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. We plant, grow and serve these groups to invigorate male community leadership.

F3 — our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith — traces its roots to a free, participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings at a Charlotte, N.C., park since 2006. The co-founders of F3 are David Redding, “Dredd,” and Tim Whitmire, “OBT,” who launched their first Saturday workout on 1/1/11 on the campus of A.G. Middle School in Charlotte.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Our Core Principles

F3 workouts …

  • Are free of charge
  • Are open to all men
  • Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  • Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  • End with a Circle of Trust


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Back Blasts

Home of “how it went down!!”  Aye!!

You Q’d.   Share your beat down.


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Pax of 6 were treated to a Frijole beatdown. Aye!!

QIC: Frijole
PAX: Bada Bing, Hammer, Helo, Sweet Pea, Stone
In honor of Sweet Pea’s 20th Year Anniversary with Bank of America, all sets/yardage were in increments of 20 (Or 20 was somewhat incorporated).
-20 Side Straddle Hops (in cadence)
-20 Merkins (in cadence)
-20 Air Squats (In cadence)
-Indian Run – 2 Laps
Goal Line:
-“BRB” = “Bear, Run, Bear”: Bear crawl to 20 yard line, run to opposite 20 yard line, bear crawl to goal line.  Repeat on the way back, doing Crawl Bears.

-“JRJ” = “Jump, Run, Jump”: Frog jump to 20 yard line, run to opposite 20 yard line, frog jump to goal line.  Repeat on the way back.
10 Count
Goal Line:
-20 Dying Cockroaches (aka “Dead Bugs”) (In cadence)
-20 Low-flutters (In cadence)
-20 high dolleys (In cadence)
-Modified “Doracides”: Partner up, PAX of 2 had to collectively complete 100 air squats.  While PAX #1 did air squats, PAX #2 did suicides from the goal line to the 5, 10, 15, and 20 yard line.  Once completed, PAX #1 & #2 switch, pick up on air squats where PAX #1 left off, rinse and repeat until 100 squats are completed.
-Ultimate Frisbee for 30 men’s (3 vs 3) – No Stop.  Score 7-6! If defense gives up a score, 5 burpees.
-End with 2 minute plank

Helo delivers “The 12 days of F3” .



Dec 8th 2018

QIC Helo

PAX McCleod, Bada Bing, Scuban, Hammer, Ice-T, Cheddah, El Pastor, Gilligan, Frijole, Stone, Gronk

25 SSH
25 High Knees
Mosey one lap around track
12 days of F3…
You know how this goes.  Aye!!!
On the football field
1 100-yard sprint
2 10-yard bear crawls
3 4x4s (merkins and mountain climbers)
4 Squats with coupon
5 Hand-release merkins
6 Coupon swings
7 Thrusters
8 Burpees
9 Tuck jumps
10 Lunges with coupon overhead
11 Bonnie Blairs
12 (x2) Coupon curls

Ice T Qs 11 at Hill Yeah! Finishes with Ultimate Frisbee



QIC: Ice-T

PAX-Helo, McCleod, Hammer, Sweet Pea, Stone, Shanerock, Docent, Frijole, Gilligan, Cheddah

2 laps, run forward on the straight, backwards on the turns.

– run to 25 yard line and back, 25 burpees
– run to 50 yard line and back, 25 air squats
– run to 75 yard line and back, 25 LBCs
– run to 100 yard line and back, 25 merkins

Caterpillar hop, 100 yards in cadence

Bear Crawls:
– Bear crawl to 25, 25 merkins
– Bear crawl to 50, 25 air squats
– Bear crawl to 75, 25 burpees
– Bear crawl to 100, recover

– Backward bear crawl forward to 25, plank for 10 secs in cadence
– Backward bear crawl forward to 50, plank for 15 secs in cadence
– Backward bear crawl forward to 75, plank for 20 secs in cadence
– Backward bear crawl forward to 100, recover

– Everyone holds plank, while 1 person does 10 burpees, go to next person 10 burpees, everyone else hold plank.  Go around until everyone done.
– 20 low flutters
– 20 high flutters
– 20 low Dolleys
– 20 high Dolleys

15 mins of ultimate frisbee, no stop.
Score 2-1!

Hammer Qs the week 3 Iron Pax Challenge.



QIC- Hammer

PAX- Sweet Pea, Ice-T, Bada Bing, Data, Docent, McCleod


Lap on track

From the goal line: 20 SSHs, High Knees to 50 and back, 20 SSHs, Side Shuffle to 50 and back, 20 SSHs, High Knees to 50 and back, Side Shuffle to 50 and back.

Indian run on track.

Grab the coupons

Week 3 Iron Pax challenge.

15 BJOs, 50 Hand release merkins, 10 yard broad jump

14 BJOs, 50 Goblet squats, 10 yard broad jump

13 BJOs, 50 leg raises with extended coupon

Continue for 30 minutes.




Ice-T Style Week 2 Iron Pax Challenge

QIC- Ice-T
PAX- Sweet Pea, Frijole, El Pastor, Sailor, Gilligan, McCleod, Mustang, Radar
Warm up – lap around the track
F3 National Challenge – Ice-T style
1.  8 mins of burpees with coupon, as many reps, run 25 yards after each 25 reps.  Done with partner, total count.
2.  2 min rest.
3.  8 mins of kettle balls with coupon, as many reps, run 25 yards after each 25 reps.  Done with partner, total count.
4.  2 min rest.
5.  8 mins of curls with coupon, as many reps, run 25 yards after each 25 reps.  Done with partner, total count.
6.  2 min rest.
7.  8 mins of squats with coupon, as many reps, run 25 yards after each 25 reps.  Done with partner, total count.  Total score divided by 2 to account for partner rep style.
Get into the circle of trust.  In Cadence
1 min plank
1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
1 min plank
1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
All in cadence.
20 ab crunches slowly going backwards, then crunch up holding legs above the ground 12”.  All in cadence.
That’s a wrap.
No thank yous from the Pax, I think they were feeling it.

Bada Bing Qs a Snap, Crackle, POP as the PAX welcomes FNG McCleod and Radar returns.

QIC- Bada Bing
PAX- Ice-T, Sailor, FNG McCleod, El Pastor, Radar
Snap, crackle, pop session (for us “respect” guys at least):
Knee hugs
Leg cradles
One jog lap
Toy soldiers
Chain breakers
Beatdown 1:
Iron Pax Challenge
Beatdown 2:
1. Blades of Steele 1×10 in cadence
2. Belching – on Q’s call, down and back (football field), broken into 25 yd segments
3. Black Jack – 1 coupon squat, coupon carry across football field, 20 “coupon Jax” (hands on the coupon in an up merkin position, legs move in side straddle hop pattern. Done in a ascending/descending fashion for rep count.

Hammer Time as the Pax of 10 welcomes F3 brother Pitino from STL.



QIC Hammer

PAX Shanerock, Yamster, Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Van Gogh, Mustang, Pitino, Ice T, Stone

Warm up

25 SSHs

Indian Run Mosey to Soccer Sport Turf field.

2 Indian run laps around field.

High knees to the midline and back, side shuffle to midline and back, high knees to the midline and back, side shuffle to midline and back.

Line up on the goal line (4 lines are identified on the field)

Run to first line, perform 10 Merkins, run to next line, perform 10 Burpees, run to next line, perform 10 air squats, run and arrive at opposite goal line and perform 10 LBCs, crawl bear back to the original goal line.  Rinse and repeat 3 X.

6 MOM- Medley of flutters, dolleys and LBCs

Mosey through neighborhood to the Alameda

Jacobs ladder on The Hill with Burpees

Mosey back to the AO

50 SSHs











Helo Qs 11 as Cheddah and Van Gogh return.

PAX-Mountie, Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, El Pastor, Scuban, Ice T, Van Gogh, Cheddah, Frijole, Gronk

25 SSH

3 min Stretch

Mosey to Beresford Park
In field:

25 LBCs
Side plank leg kicks x15 each leg
At skate park: 20 derkins, 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lunges
In pairs (at playground): 50 pulls ups, 50 push-ups, LBC medley
Back to skate park: 20 derkins, 20 squats, 20 box jumps, 20 lungesMosey to softball field:
25 LBCs
Mike Tyson’s w/ bear crawl 50 yds
In pairs: Overhead tire carry 100 yds x2
In pairs: Overhead tire press x20, tire toss, burpees, plank (50 yds)


Ice T Qs with a combo of beat down and ultimate frisbee.



QIC: Ice T

PAX: Helo, Bada Bing, Gilligan, Frijole, Hammer

Mosey run to field (5 mins warm up)

25 Side straddle hops
25 Merkins
50 Lunges

2 Lap – Catch me if you can, 20 Merkins or 5 Burpees with the catch

50 yard side hop, 25 merkins
Rev Side hop, 25 Lunges
Reverse run, 25 Burpees
Forward run, 25 Squats

2 rounds of:
50 yard bear crawl forward, lunges coming back
bear crawl reverse, run back

Ultimate frisbee, 3×3
2pts for wood goal, 1 pt for fence goal
Run or throw, can’t stop
Hits the ground, other team gets it
Out of bounds, 20 burpees


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