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  1. 7/22/17

    Q = Scuban

    PAX = El Pastor, Helo, Mustang, MoMo, Sailor, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Yamster, ’88

    The Blue Demon Truck returns, delivering pain coupons

    The Thang:

    Warm up lab, coupons overhead to bleachers

    Coupon in lab: Dips/Close Derkins/Single leg Lunges 15/15/20 (10 each leg) 3X Rinse and repeat

    Mosey to field


    Moutain Climbers/SSH/8 Count Body Builders 20/20/10 rinse and repeat, body builders done with hold counts along the way, especially 2, 3 and 6

    Zamperini Mosey

    50 yard “sprint” coupon overhead (hence Zamperini) 20 curls

    50 yard Zamperini 20 Tricep Extensions, plank 100 yard Zamperini

    50 yard Zamperini 20 Cusak Squats

    50 yard Zamperini 20 upright rows, plank 100 yard Zamperini

    Rinse and Repeat


    Zamperini (coupon extended over chest) low Dolly’s, Zamp high Dolly’s, Zamp high Rosalitas, Zamp low Rosalitas, 15X, 20 weighted LBC’s, rinse and repeat

    Plank 2 minute alternating shoulder touches and hold

    Zamperini Lunges 25 yards 10X Merkins, 25 yards 15X Merkins

    50 Yard Zamperini sprint

    On the wall, Wonder Bra; Chair sit with coupon in lap on Q’s command held weight out in front, lap, overhead press and hold 2 mins rinse and repeat

    100 Yard Zamperini and back

    Naked Mole Skin

    Our 9 week consecutive streak of FNG’s came to an end but did still hit double digits. Helo was back first post after his fly by, he liked the view of burpees from 1500 feet. I have unofficially named this the Zamperini in honor of the great Lou Zamperini who passed 3 years ago this July, if you know the story you know why it is so named. There were a lot of strange noises from the PAX this week, i think they like coupons. Q gave them the choice of bear crawl o rama or Zamperinis and they chose Zamp! Hammer should be back next week and he will have the Q.

    Q is amazed the way some of the PAX do not seem to ever slow down regardless of what they have to do. Prayers go out to “Doug” a coastie who suffered a loss and for BoomBox 12 (40).



    1. 1/20/18

      QIC: Bada Bing

      Pax. FNG Tornado, FNG Baretta, FNG Thigh Master, Peyton, Helo, Sub Prime, Scuban, Jefe, Sailor, Wolvie, Turnimus, Choppa, Frijole, Rudy. Hammer

      1 opppsite direction turf lap

      Following tonthe 10 yard line with mosey back:
      Reach and twist
      High knee tuck walk
      Back stroke walk
      Hamstring reach walk
      Quad to hamstring
      Lateral linge with rotation

      Diagonal run

      Skip series to 30 yard line and back:
      Ankle skips
      Mid calf
      Hi knee

      Diagonal run

      3 sets of following:
      Sumo squat x 10 reps on cadence
      Prisoner squat x 15 reps on cadence
      Push ups x 15 reps OYO
      Side straddle hops x 25 reps on cadence
      Front to back linge x 7 reps OYO
      Squat jumps x 10 reps
      Ant crawls to 10 yard line and back OYO

      Diagonal run

      Core (2 sets):
      Bird dog x 8 per side
      Bridge to plank x 10 reps
      Strict bicycle crunch x 10 ea side
      V ups x 10 reps

      Namorama – where we welcomed 3 FNG’s


      Chow time:
      Overnight oatmeal
      Breakfast sausage

      Coffee (for some)



  2. 7/29/17

    Q: Hammer

    Pax: Priorities, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, MoMo, FNG 2-Times, Helo, FNG Iceman, Shanerock, Sub Prime, Van Gogh, The Gouch, Yamster, Suave, Hawkett, El Pastor and Rico

    Warm up

    From the Goal line

    25 SSHs

    High Knees to 50 and back

    25 SSHs

    Side shuffle to 50 and back

    25 SSHs

    High Knees to 50 and back

    25 SSHs

    Side Shuffel to 50 and back

    The Thang

    The Cooper

    10 burpees/10 Merkins/10 Air squats

    Indian run lap on track

    9 Burpees/9 Merkins/9 Air Squats

    Indian run lap on track

    8/8/8, lap, 7/7/7, lap, down to 1/1/1 lap

    finish with 10/10/10

    6 MOM

    Jacobs ladder with Merkins



    Naked Moleskin

    Despite missing some regulars, the PAX hit a record 17 on Sat, including 2 FNGs. The PAX thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to “The Cooper”. (17 man indian runs produce long sprints.) Coffeeteria produced more talk of a South Bay location and a San Francisco location.

    Get there!!


  3. 8/5/17

    Got Plank?

    Q: Sailor
    PAX: HawkIt, Sweet Pea, Mrs. Doubtfire, El Pastor, Reco, Hammer, FNG Aladdin, FNG Nail, Iceman, Radar, Turnimus, Suave, Shanerock, Sub Prime, FNG Trouble, Helo, Sailor

    The Thang

    SSHs 25x
    Mountain Climbers 25x
    3 rounds

    Sprint to 50, mosey back
    3 rounds

    20 yard shuffle
    Sprint to the 10 yd line, perform burpee
    Sprint to the 20 yd line, touch line
    Sprint back to the 10 yd line
    Bear crawl back to goal line
    10 rounds

    Rolling Squat Burpees 10x
    – Roll off the back, into pushup position, then squat, then back onto your back

    Triple Skyfall 10x
    – Jump Lunge Left, Jump Lunge Right, Jump Knee Tuck, Burpee

    Single Leg Burpees 10x

    Hannibal Merkins 10x
    – Merkin but on extension touch shins and back to merkin

    Divebomber Merkins 10x

    Elbow Plank Walk 5 yds, Power Plank/Merkin, Elbow Plank Walk 5 yds back to start
    10 rounds

    Pendulum Planks (60 seconds)
    – Elbow Plank, Feet jump side to side

    Side Planks (60 seconds)

    X Plank (60 seconds)

    Bear Crawl 20 yds
    Alligator Walk 20 yds
    Skier Hops 20 yds
    Elbow Plank Walks 20 yds
    Rotating Wide Squats 20 yds
    100 yd sprint back to goaline

    Indian Duck Walk


    Naked Moleskin

    The PAX welcome three more FNGs (Nail, Trouble, Alladin). The PAX got treated to a healthy serving of Elbow Plank Walks. And yes, joy was had for the incomparable Indian Duck Walks, no weaving this week. Look forward to seeing the regulars return and setting a new record of attendance. I predict a social event in the future that involves ACRT (Advanced Cellular Repair Technology), aka Beer. Give it away boyz!


  4. 8/12/17


    PAX- FNG Bada Bing, 88′, Helo, Iceman, Priorities, Radar, Sailor


    Warm-up lap, 25 SSHs, High knees to 50 and back, 25 SSHs, Side Shuffle to 50 and back, SSHs, High Knees to 50 and back, 25 SSHs, Side Shuffle to 50 and back, 25 SSHs

    The Thang

    Indian run 2 laps

    25 SSHs

    Bearpees- from goal line, Bear crawl to the 10, 1 Burpee, Bear crawl to the 20, 2 Burpees, Bear Crawl to the 30, Bear crawl to the 40, 4 Burpees, bear crawl to the 50, 5 Burpees.

    Return to the Goal line in reverse. 5 Burpees, Crawl bear to the 40, 4 Burpees, Crawl bear to the 30, 3 Burpees, Crawl Bear to the 20, 2 Burpees, Crawl bear to the 10, 1 Burpee, Crawl bear to the goal line.

    Indian lap

    6MOM- Medley of LBCs, flutters, dollys and planks.

    25 SSHs

    Mosey to Alameda for a Jacob’s ladder with Burpees

    25 SSHs

    Mosey back to AO goal line

    Bearpees- from goal line, Bear crawl to the 10, 1 Burpee, Bear crawl to the 20, 2 Burpees, Bear Crawl to the 30, Bear crawl to the 40, 4 Burpees, bear crawl to the 50, 5 Burpees.

    Sprint to goal line.



    The Art of Manliness brings another F3 brother to the PAX. Welcome F3 Bada Bing. The Tough Mudder in October is gaining favor among the PAX. Aye! Radar has the Q for next week.


  5. 8/19/17


    PAX- FNG Cocktail, Bada Bing, 88′, Grouch, Hammer, Iceman, MoMo, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mustang, Priorities, Rudy, Sailor, Shanerock, Sub Prime, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Yamster

    Warm up lap

    The Thang

    EMOM – 12 Burpees per minute for 5 minutes. (60 Burpees)

    If you finish 12 burpees in less than a minute then rest.

    Snake run-

    From the goal line corner,

    jog goal line across field to other goal line,

    side shuffle to five yard line, high knees across the field,

    side shuffle to 10 yard line, skips across field,

    Side shuffle to 15 yard line, continued while alternating exercises across field until the 50 yard line.

    Ladder Plank Shoulder Tap- start in plank position and walk hands to next box, tap shoulders and repeat through the ladder-two sets.

    Ladder Plank Box Push Ups – start in plank position and walk hands to next box, push up and repeat through the ladder, two sets.

    Jacobs Extension Ladder – Hammers favorite exercise with an extension. Sprint to the top of the Hill and down 5 times.

    6MOM- LBCs, Toe Taps, Diamond sit-ups, rinse and repeat

    Ladder Run- fast feet, in out, in in out out, three times each.

    Indian Run with Med Ball- Indian run around field, with lead runner holding a med ball above his head, two total laps

    Team Relay-split group into two teams of 9, sprint to 20 yard line and back, next guy goes and so on. Last guy sprints to the Med ball on 20 and has to get across the goal line. The faster team won.




    This week the PAX welcomed FNG Cocktail (EH’d by ’88). The PAX also

    welcomed the return of Peyton. Radar Q’d a gem as he introduced the “extended Jacobs ladder” and field ladder work. The Tough Mudder is on!!! October 14th in Sonoma. Team F3 SF Peninsula will represent in the Saturday full Tough Mudder. Aye!!


  6. 8/26/17


    PAX- FNG Oohrah, FNG Casper,, Bada Bing, Cocktail, 88′, Grouch, Hammer, Iceman, Aladdin, Peyton, MoMo, Rudy, Sailor, Reco, Sub Prime, Mountie, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Suave, Yamster, Scuban, Helo

    The Thang

    Merkin Mile

    25 merkins are completed after each 1/4 mile (Total: 100 merkins, 1 mile) plank after each 1/4 wait for six

    Red Barchetta

    100 Yard Dash then 100 SSHs, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

    75 yard dash then 75 mountain climbers, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

    50 yard dash then 50 squats, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

    25 yard dash then 25 Merkins, run back to start point to plank/wait for six;

    10 yard dash then 10 burpees, run back to start point and plank/wait for six.

    Six Minutes Of Mary aka 6MOM

    Low Dolly – legs parallel to ground, separate legs outward then return to start.

    Low Flutter kicks – alternate kicking legs as if you’re swimming.

    High Dolly

    High Flutter


    Jacobs Ladder – 7 up and back burpies at top, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Merkin Ladder

    Find a launch point and target point to sprint to. 50 yards or more. Start with 10 merkin. Sprint to target point. 9 merkin. Sprint back to launch point. 8 merkin. Continue decreasing merkin count down to 1 merkin. Total of 55 merkin.

    Plank for 3 minutes to round out the hour



    A record 23 Q’d by Shanerock including 2 FNGs. F3 Gear order is now open through 9/8/17. Tough Mudder is Oct 14th. We welcome FNG Oohrah, who served in the Marines and FNG Casper who disappeared at the end of the post, thus Casper. Priorities has his first Q next week at F3 SF Peninsula but this will be no VQ so come prepared.



  7. 8/29/17

    QIC – Priorities

    PAX – FNG Croc, Priorities, Screen Door

    F3 Monterey is underway!!! After a few weeks of solo Qs, just YHC alone with the shovel flag, F3 Monterey has pax! Welcome FNG Croc! Side note, Croc is like a 99% HC for the Norcal Tough Mudder. Don’t worry, I’ll close up that last 1%! #ABH Also joining us in the gloom was Screen Door, down range from F3 Hampton Roads. He’ll be appearing 1 time only at Hill Yeah this Saturday as well so don’t miss the East Coast invasion. YHC also happens to have the Q…

    Here’s how it went:

    SSHs x 20 IC
    Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
    Don Quixotes x 15 IC (Counted in spanish, Hampton Roads style…)
    LBCs x 38 IC
    Leg Raises x 30 IC

    The Thang-
    Modified DORA 1-2-3
    with 3 pax we formed a single team to tackle 150 Merkins, 300 LBCs and 450 squats alternating sprints across the soccer field and back

    Next was an attempt at a Catch Me If You Can. Also modified (poorly I might add) to accommodate 3 people. First pax started bear crawls across the field, second started Crawl Bears while the 3rd started 5 Burpees. When finished, the pax doing burps sprint to start crawl bears, the crawl bearer sprinted to start bear crawls and the bear crawler started 5 burpees. Rinse and repeat. Except Screen door, with his obnoxiously long arms and legs, was too fast a bear crawler to make the timing work so… What was the advice from the Nation? Press on (like it was intentional) if you screw up?

    Moving on! Next was time to explore the AO which meant leaving the safety of the soccer field and repelling down our version of Stink Hill. Ok so it’s not that steep but it is about twice as tall as Stink Hill. Strava claims 150 ft elevation in about a 1/4 mile hill. What goes down must come up, right? Back up the hill stopping for B.O.M.B.S. along the way. Burpees x5, Overhead claps x10, Merkins x15, Big boy sit-ups x20, squats x25.

    Back to the flag for some 6MOM. The pax finished out what was left of the Hampton Roads monthly challenge (Quad P) which for that day was 150LBCs/60Leg Lifts/2:15 High Plank.

    Circle of Trust-
    After numbers and names, YHC shared a little from a sermon this last Sunday about not letting technology get in the way of real life. An ongoing battle in the Priorities household especially with 3 young kids. Bottom line, let’s work harder at being present at home, at work, at school, at meals, with our spouse, with our kids, etc. I could go on…

    Lastly, TAPS went out to our F3 Brothers on the gulf coast. Stay safe my friends, the Nation is here to help.

    Everyone, including YHC was tired of here YHC talk so Screen Door took us out with a prayer.

    First of many F3 Monterey workouts in the books! Standby for a Screen Door Q on Thursday!

    Priorities Out

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  8. 9/2/17

    QIC – Priorities

    PAX – Shanerock, Suave, Reco, Rudy, Mountie, Hammer, Sub Prime, Bada Bing, Sweet Pea, El Pastor, Screen Door and Priorities

    F3 SF Peninsula survives the Hampton Roads invasion!! An awesome group for YHC’s first Q on this side of the country and #HIM, Screen Door, was gracious enough to travel the 3000 miles just to come to this workout! And maybe for some dumb MBA class he’s taking… but mostly for this workout! YHC tried to throw in as many Hampton Roads traditions as possible, like counting Don Quixotes in Spanish, the F3 exercise draft and we even crowned the first SF Peninsula Duck Jousting champ!

    Here’s how it went down:

    SSHs x25 IC
    Imperial Walkers x20 IC
    Don Quixotes x15 (don’t Q what you can’t do! Some day I’ll learn to count higher than quince…)

    Mosey to the bleachers and run every set of stairs followed by 7s (Dips/Derkins)
    Mosey to the other bleachers and run every set of stairs, then 7s (Derkins/Dips)

    Mosey to the goal line for the start of the F3 exercise draft!

    The rules: Every pax draws an exercise from the bucket. Everyone then starts at the goal line and does a line drill (10 and back, 20 and back, 30…50 and back) At each line, each pax performs his exercise x5 or if your exercise is something like bear crawls or lunges, you do it to the line and then run back. Since everyone is doing a different exercise, when your round is complete, you find someone with a less desirable exercise and finish with them. The first person to finish each round gets first pick in the next round and the option to draw a different exercise if his first is unwanted. Since Suave was most often the winner, regardless of the difficulty of exercise, we’d make him put SSHs back for Burpees or Bear Crawls… And the pax finished 6 rounds! AYE!!

    Some of the favorite exercises included Carolina Dry-docks, Catalina Wine Mixers, Double and Triple the Lines, Duck Walks, Frog Jumps and Crawl Bears to name a few. If you want to find out everything in the bucket, you have to pay a visit to it’s home in F3 Monterey!

    The pax finished off the morning with some “friendly combat between Pax in the duck walk position” #exicon After a heated battle, Rudy out maneuvered Reco to become the inaugural SF Peninsula Duck Joisting champion!

    After names and numbers, YHC ended with some words of wisdom on trying to be better men this week. Better fathers, husbands, sons, co workers and stewards of God’s creation. I’m still working on it.

    Too much talking from YHC so El Pastor prayed us out in the BOM. Great work fellas!


    Tough Mudder October 14th. #ABH Currently working out some details for post game RVing with YHC and Sub Prime!

    2nd F opportunity if any pax want to join YHC at the Dodgers vs. Giants game on Wed. Sep 13th.

    Who’s gonna step up and site Q a workout in the South Bay? YHC is a hard commit if his commute is an hour or less.

    DO NOT MISS the return of Girardi on Q next week. Let’s set a record! #getthere

    Priorities Out


    1. As always, solid Q and even better backblast. F3 needs more men like you. “YHC is a HC if his commute is an hour or less.” Tclaps brother.


  9. 9/5/17

    QIC – Priorities

    PAX – FNG Sharkbait and Priorities


    QIC – Priorities

    PAX – Croc and Priorities

    So I’m pretty sure it’s against some kind of rule to combine 2 workouts into one backblast but when you Q 4 workouts in a week, sometimes rules must be broken.

    Tuesday morning at Tabletop brought a #HIM into the F3 fold. YHC is helpless to get creative juices flowing by himself but with some time have officially decided his F3 name will be Sharkbait. His curiosity was peaked by the Art of Manliness podcast which just happened to coincide with YHC’s relocation to Monterey. There are no coincidences in F3! Welcome Sharkbait!

    YHC got to deliver some rare 1 on 1 training to a new FNG so we tried out some staples of the Priorities playbook. Warmup:

    SSHs x20 IC
    IW x20 IC
    DQ x15 IC

    1 warmup lap around the field

    The Thang:

    The FNG was taught how to count as we completed a standard DORA 1-2-3 with a run from goal to goal. He did about 30 extra merkins before catching on but that’s why we start with the basics!

    After the counting lesson we did some Catch Me If You Can with bear crawls and 5 Burpees. This was much more affective with 2 people than trying it with 3 last week!

    Last was a little exploring the AO as we moseyed down the secret hill off the back side of the neighborhood. What goes down must come up! On the way back we did some flutter kicks, arm circles and something else. Squats? My memory thingy isn’t what’s it called, working?

    Anyway, back to the flag for numbers, names and prayers out. There is nothing better than a 2 person BOM with a guy you’ve just met. Aye!!

    Thursday got F3 Monterey stalwarts Croc and YHC extra sandy! Our first true beach workout was a blast! #bashatthebeach A little lack of solid ground underneath the toes makes even the easiest of exercises exponentially more challenging.

    After a short warmup of SSHs and arm circles, the pax took to the beach for a little F3 Draft Lottery, bucket of fun brought back from HillYeah for the amusement of all that could not make the trek on Saturday. (Un)fortunately, the luck of the draw had us avoiding the typically difficult Burpees and Bear Crawls but we did manage to get some quality work in. Some of the worst being Double the Lines, Triple the Lines, Crab Cakes, Carolina Dry Docks and (the infinitely more difficult in sand) Catalina Wine Mixers. Hardest of all without question in the sand was lunges! Gonna have some sore glutes in the morning…

    After 7 rounds, the two mighty oaks looked more like the swaying palm trees above them, bending at the slightest breeze but refusing break. Finished with a COT of numbers, names and the always fun 2 man BOM. There is no better feeling than the sweaty, sandy touch of a fellow pax on a california beach as the gloom fades!


    Tough Mudder October 14th

    2nd F at AT&T Park on September 13th. YHC and ’88 are HCs. Don’t let us Dodger fan just roll over you SF!

    Girardi Q on Saturday at Hill Yeah!

    Last Day for F3 SF Peninsula shirt pre orders. Currently at 25 ordered! AYE!!!

    Priorities Out


  10. 9/9/17

    QIC: Girardi

    PAX: FNG Cheddah, Reco, Sub Prime, Hammer, Bada Bing, Rudy, 88′, MoMo, Scuban, Mountie, Mustang, El Pastor, Turnimus, Sweet Pea, Sauve, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hawkett, Priorities, Ice Man

    The Thang

    Ran to Beresford Park, Merkins and Planks along the run.

    COP- SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, High Flutters

    Circuit on Jungle gym, pull-ups, derkins and dips. 10x10x20 3 Times

    11s on Tennis courts- Merkins and LBCs

    Mosey back to AO, planks, squats and single leg squats along the way.

    Hands of Time on the Football field with knee-ups.

    100 yard walking lunges

    Mosey to the Alameda

    Hill repeats with Merkins, squats, LBCs, 10x10x10

    Mosey back to AO for 6 MOM



    Naked Moleskin

    It was great to be back in the Bay Area and seeing the growth of this F3 group. I expect to see growth outside of this AO to San Jose and other parts of the Bay Area.


  11. 9/16/17

    QIC: Scuban

    PAX: FNG Chihuahua, Bada Bing, Cheddah, El Pastor, Hammer, Helo, Mountie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Radar, Sub Prime, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, 88

    Shock n Awe Burpees

    Lap backwards

    100 yd sprint, plank it up 100 yard sprint, plank it up
    100 yd sprint, 50 squats, 100 yard sprint, plank it up
    50 yard sprint, 25 squats, 50 yard lunge walk, plank it up
    40 yard sprint, 20 lunges, 40 yard lunge walk, plank it up
    40 yard sprint, 25 ‘Merkins, 40 yard sprint, plank it up 2:00

    F3 Football 7 on 7 no huddle :40 minutes

    25 ‘Merkins, 25 air presses, 25 ‘Merkins, 25 air presses



    Naked Moleskin
    Everyone stereo types and assumes, they all expected the Q’s hallmark move, Bear Crawls. They were WRONG, brought sprints that got ’em consuming O2 then F3 Fun. I think some decided not to post in protest of BearCrawls. Teams were evenly matched ended on 4-4 tie. Some of the PAX are gearing up for October team Mudder. Hammer working on a 2nd F event soon. Grow Ruck is rippling in the waters, I feel it. FNG posted, motivated by “Art of Manliness” podcast. Welcome him both to the PAX but also he is also new to the US of A. Solid group of guys each week, its an honor to be a part of it.


  12. 9/23/17

    QIC: Sailor

    PAX: Scuban, Rudy, Shanerock, El Pastor. Bada Bing, Priorities, Peyton

    The Thang

    10 Dips
    15 Decline Merkins
    20 Iron Mikes
    3 Rounds

    25 SSHs
    30 Mountain Climbers
    25 Prisoner Squats
    3 Rounds

    Plyo X Merkins
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    Jump Squats
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    Carolina Dry Docks
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    Iron Mikes
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    Cobra Merkins
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    Prisoner Squats
    AMRAP (30 secs)

    3 Rounds
    Jump Squats (30 secs)
    Iron Mikes (30 secs)
    Air Squats (30 secs)
    Wall Chair (90 secs)

    Directional Planks (60 secs)
    Jump to Alternating Armpit Planks (60 secs)
    Side Arm Planks (30 sec each arm)
    3 Rounds

    Lunge Suicides
    Forward Lunge to 10 yd line
    10 merkins
    Reverse Lunge to Goal Line
    Continue to 20 yd line, 20 merkins
    Continue in fashion repeating at each 10 yd line up to the 50 yd line



    Naked Moleskin
    Good to be back after missing two weeks in Hawaii, ok maybe not. Bit of a chill this morning as the Fall season starts. Hope to keep the numbers strong despite the growing chill in the air. PAX gathered on top deck of Hillsdale Mall parking lot awaiting Helo and he did not disappoint. Outstanding flyovers by Helo. Memories to carry for sure. Need to start working out the Logistics for the upcoming Tough Mudder. Inspiration was had when observing the final candidate performing in the Goruck Selection event.


  13. 9/30/17

    QIC: Hammer

    PAX: Helo, Mountie, Mustang, Chihuahua, Bada Bing, Scuban, Cheddah, Rudy, 88′, Oohrah, Sub Prime, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Sailor, Radar.


    Lap around track

    High Knees to the 50 and back
    SSHs 19 count
    High Knee to the 50 and back
    SSHs 19 count
    Side Shuffle to 50 and back
    SSHs 19 count

    Lap around the track

    The Thang

    4 Corners, 19 LBCs, 19 Air Squats, 19 Merkins, 19 Burpees
    Performed 5 X

    5 LBCs, 5 Air squats, 5 Merkins, 5 Burpees

    6MOM- Flutterama-
    Low Flutters- 19 count
    High Flutters- 19 count
    Repeated 3 X

    Mosey to the Alameda

    Jacobs Ladder with Burpees



    A constant theme of 19 was executed today as a remembrance of the fallen 19 Special Forces soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice on October 3rd 1993 in the Battle of Mogadishu. The PAX are in full training mode for the Tough Mudder on Oct 14th. Aye! 88′ has organized a 2nd F on Thurs Oct 12th in Palo Alto. Get there. Next Sat is El Pastor’s VQ. At coffeeteria, conversations ranged from Tough Mudder talk to NFL Kneeling to Fox News vs CNN. Oh Boy. Had to be there. All good though and great to spend time with these men.


  14. 10/7/17

    QIC: El Pastor (1st time!)

    PAX: Helo, Mustang, Chihuahua, Bada Bing, Rudy, Sub Prime, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Sailor, Hammer, Ice-man, Payton, FNG (Wolvie)

    Going for the Ultimate.

    Warm up:
    Lap around track.

    Getting warmer:
    Bear crawl to the 20yd, 20 merkins
    Bear crawl to the 40yd, 40 mountain climbers
    Bear crawl to the other 40yd, 40 mountain climbers
    Bear crawl to the other 20yd, 20 merkins
    -plank @ other goal line-

    sprint back to the 50yd, 10 burpees
    sprint back to the goal line

    Lunge walk to the 20yd, 20 merkins
    Lunge walk to the 40yd, 40 mountain climbers
    Lunge walk to the other 40yd, 40 mountain climbers
    Lunge walk to the other 20yd, 20 merkins
    -plank @ other goal line-

    Frog jump to the 50yd, 10 burpees
    sprint back to the goal line

    The Thang:
    F3 Ultimate Frisbee!
    7 v 7, no stops (except when your team scores, opposing team does 5 burpees each. Score was 7 to 7, so each team did 35 burpees): 40min.

    COT (moment of silence for fallen F3 brother in Houston: Bigwheel)


    The air is definitely changing and getting colder/darker but we had a solid showing of 14 PAX, which was perfect for Ultimate since American rules state 7 v 7. We hit double-digits again (which is becoming the norm) and we had one FNG who was dubbed: “Wolvie” as he went to U of Michigan and seemed to sprain his ankle at the end but healed up in about 30sec. Many of us will be participating in the Tough Mudder next Saturday in Sonoma. We will crush it together as a team and all grow stronger and better through it – should be a great time with a lot of stories to come. The fellowship @ coffeeteria after was, as usual, a great time of brotherhood.

    Radar will Q @ Hill Yeah next week holdin’ down the fort.


  15. 10/14

    QIC Hammer

    Pax: FNG Choppa, Mustang, Scuban, Sailor, Sub Prime, Peyton, Wolverine, Bada Bing, 88′, Turnimus, Helo, Sweet Pea

    Warm Up
    Lap Around the track

    25 SSHs

    Lap Around the Track

    25 SSHs

    Knee Highs to the 50 and back
    Side Shuffle to the 50 and back
    Knee Highs to the 50 and back
    Side Shuffle to the 50 and back

    The Thang

    Mosey to softball field

    The Cycle (Bear Crawlrama)
    Lap around Turf Field

    Mosey back to Flags

    Mosey to The Alameda
    Modified Jacobs x 7 with Merkins
    25 SSHs

    Mosey back to football field




    This was the weekend of the Tough Mudder but it was cancelled due to the Sonoma/Napa fires. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our northern neighbors. War scars from last week’s ultimate Frisbee contest was evident with multiple turf burns. Helo EHs FNG Choppa, another Coast Guard helicopter pilot. Welcome F3 Choppa. We have multiple VQs on the schedule. Should be fun.


  16. 10/28/2017

    QIC: Turnimus (VQ)

    Pax: Shanerock, Sailor, Radar, Wolvie, Rudy, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Frijole (FNG), Mustang, Oohrah, El Pastor, ’88, Hammer, Mountie, Cheedah, Iceman, Rosie (FNG) and Turnimus

    Warm up:
    (In the parking lot)

    SSHs x 25 I.C.
    Arm Circles x 10 each way I.C.
    Merkins x 15 oyo
    Mosey to the A.O.

    Indian Run lap on the track x 2
    (With 19 in the PAX, we had to extend the laps to 2 so that everyone could get their sprint work on, some got to sprint twice)

    The Thang:

    Some foreshadowing could have been gleaned from Turnimus’ twitter account for what his VQ had in store, as he called for a block party (’cause aint no party like a block party, ’cause a block party don’t stop) Mosey back to the parking lot and start to head to the Alameda. This left some to wonder, out loud, if it was Jacob’s Ladder time (to the right) or if it was going to be a pull-up fest at Beresford Park (to the left). We made the left but stopped down the street at Turnimus’ truck for our COUPONS.

    Block Brigade:
    -Single file behind the truck (19 deep), we continue to unload 23 lb retaining wall blocks, brigade style. As instructed by the QIC, we kept the blocks overhead, until everyone had a coupon in the air, then we walk back to the A.O……blocks overhead the whole way. Line up at goal line, blocks in front of you.

    Quarter Pounder:
    -Sprint to the 25 yard line, 25 merkins, run backwards to the goal line, plank up and wait for the 6.
    -Sprint to the 50, 50 air squats, run backwards to the g.l., plank up
    -Sprint to the opposite 25, 75 Mtn. Climbers, run backwards to the goal, plank.
    -Sprint to opposite goal, 100 SSHs, run backwards to opposite g.l., plank.

    Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
    -Rinse and Repeat with coupons in hand the whole way.

    Double Quarter Pounder:
    -Rinse and Repeat withOUT coupons.

    Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
    -Rinse and repeat WITH coupons.

    Indian run lap on track

    Line back up at goal line in front of your blocks. With blocks in hand, we did a bicep curl to overhead shoulder press back down to a reverse curl. x 25 I.C.

    Colt 45’s:
    (Similar to 21’s)
    -Grab those coupons….15 reps from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point of a curl. 15 reps from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl. 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up.

    Indian run lap on track.
    Down to the last 2 minutes as we completed another lap, some wanted to peel off there but the QIC insisted we finish the last 90 seconds on the track. This turned the last 100 meters or so in an A.Y.G. sprint from some of the faster folks. In a mob mentality, we ALL give it our all, Joker style screamin down the track startling some of the local regulars.



    Naked Moleskin:

    Seemingly, everyone was pretty happy with the workout, as it switched it up a bunch. Everyone was hurtin’ but it was a good hurt. We finished with flags on the field for a VQ cerveza salute!

    Get there!!


  17. QIC:

    ShaneRock, Hammer, 88, Scuban, SubPrime, Helo, BadaBing, El Pastor, Frijole, VanGogh, Sweetpea, Turnimus, and Peyton

    40 Burpees

    The Thang:
    San Francisco Sharknado
    40 Merkins, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
    40 WWII Sit-Up’s, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
    40 Scorpion Dry Docks, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
    40 Prisoner Squats, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back

    5 Rounds or 60 minutes

    Prayers for 2 SF PD Officers
    Shoebox Toy Drive at El Pastor’s Church, email sent
    Wednesday night spin class by SweetPea’s wife, email sent


    Naked Moleskin:
    Q showed up with “the thang” on paper – drew some curiosity – heard the roars of excitement once the SF Sharknado was explained … props to F3NWI for the exercise name and routine. Once the Q figured out how to display “the thang” on the field goal post, thanks to VanGogh, it was on for 60 minutes. The AM brought in some rain, all we needed were some sharks. Congrats to Helo and El Pastor for completing all 5 rounds. All Pax made it to round 4. Lot’s of chatter at Coffeteria; MLB World Series, NFL injuries, week day workout routines, spin classes, toy drives, student shenanigans at Bada Bing’s school, recap of OBT’s post and visit, and how to post the backblasts.

    Get There!


  18. 11/25/17

    QIC: Hammer

    PAX: Sub Prime, Helo, Bada Bing, Oohrah, Radar, Peyton, 88′

    Warm up-

    1 lap on track

    From goal line:
    25 SSHs
    High Knees to the 50 and back
    Side shuffles to 50 and back
    25 SSHs
    High Knees to the 50 and back
    Side Shuffles to the 50 and back

    The thang

    1 Mile Indian run (4 track laps)

    from the goal line
    Run to the 10/perform 10 air squats
    run to the 20/20 LBCs
    repeat until you reach opposite goal line

    repeat coming back

    1/2 Mile Indian run (2 track laps)

    Mosey to the Alameda

    Jacobs ladder with air squats with additional extension run to the top

    Mosey back to the AO

    1/2 Mile Indian run (2 track laps)



    F3 football on Thursday, tryptophan, holiday weekend and the fart sack, all contributing factors for a lean PAX today. 8 went out and got better with a run inspired game plan. Hope everyone is enjoying a restful weekend with family and friends. Sweet Pea has his VQ next week. Get there!!



  19. f3sfpeninsula


    QIC: Subprime (VQ)

    PAX: Turnamis, Hammer, Radar, Sailor, VanGogh, Helo, Mountie, Bada Bing, Scuban, Rudy, 88′, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sweet Pea, Wolvie, Shanerock, Frijole, El Pastor, Shark Bait, Priorties, FNG Droid (23 total – I don’t remember all of the names)

    Warm up

    20 Side straddle hops
    20 Heismans
    25 Standing mountain climbers

    10 Cherry pickers
    10 Quad stretches
    10 Hamstring stretches
    10 Cradle stretches
    10 Hug your-self
    10 Big arm circles

    The Thang

    Nickel Cycle – softball field
    Bear crawl to each base / Lunge walk back to home
    5 Merkins / 5 full sit ups at each base – increase by 5 at each base

    Base running x 2
    Split PAX into 2 groups
    One group at home and one group at 2nd
    1 person runs the bases / Pax does squats while waiting (lunges for the 2nd round)
    Losing team did 5 burpies
    2nd base team won both times

    Run to the top of the bleachers and back down
    11s starting with 10 merkins and 1 dip

    Single the line to the 50
    LBCs every 10 yards – increased reps to match the yardline

    Jacob’s Ladder
    Run to the fire hydrant
    1 burpie (increasing by 1 burpie up to 5)

    Ended with a cerveza salute for the VQ

    Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peet’s

    Get there!!



  20. 12/16/17

    QIC: Turnimus

    PAX: VanGogh, Bada Bing, FNG Data, Peyton, Choppa, Turnimus

    Warm up :

    10 Overhead Arm Circles (front and back)
    10 Cross body arm stretch (left and right)
    15 Imperial Walkers I.C. 3ct
    20 SSH
    15 High Knees I.C. 3ct
    1 Black Snake lap around the track
    -Take an Indian Run, but the last guy has to weave his way through the Pax to the front of the line.

    Thang :

    Mosey back to the parking lot. Circle Up.

    100 Merkins in 5 minutes.
    -This should be tough and precaution was giving to pace. If this was easy for you, you not getting enough of a bend in the elbows. No protractors were brought.

    Block Brigade
    -Mosey to the truck to grab our coupons. Unload the concrete blocks, brigade style. As instructed by the QIC, we kept the blocks overhead, until everyone had a coupon in the air, then we walk back to the A.O……blocks overhead the whole way. Line up at the sideline, blocks in front of you.

    Black Jack
    -Start on the sideline of the football field. Perform 20 Overhead Shoulder Presses with block – run to other sideline – perform 1 Merkin. Run back and do 19 Overhead Shoulder Presses with block. Run back for 2 Merkins. Repeat until you do 1 Overhead Shoulder Press and 20 Merkins, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!

    1 Black Snake lap around the track.

    Colt 45’s
    -Grab those coupons….15 reps from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point of a curl. 15 reps from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl. 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up. O.Y.O.

    Triple Check
    -3 men did a while sit, while 2 planked and 2 ran across the width of football field and back.
    AMRAP to finish off the last 10 minutes.

    Prayers and thought of support go out to Bada Bing’s parents and especially to his father who is dealing with Alzheimer’s and health issues related to the disease.

    Today’s group was a lean, mean, fighting machine and we dubbed ourselves the Magnificent 7.
    Scuban’s social media skills came thru as he snared in an FNG. Welcome DATA via the Nextdoor app. Much chatter was had about how the group aspect of the workout is the only reason we are out there. Sad Clown syndrome being defeated by fellowship. Leave no man behind, But leave no man where you found him.

    Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peets as this is quickly turning into the Pax’s preferred location.
    Another VQ on deck next Saturday as ’88 takes the helm. #cervezasalute in order
    Get there!!

    Liked by 1 person

  21. 12/23/2017

    QIC: ‘88

    PAX: Helo, Turnimus, Data, Bada Bing, Peyton, Subprime, Sweet Pea, VanGogh, Shanerock, Hammer

    Warm up:
    1 lap at track
    4x25yd striders
    4x25yd side shuffle
    4x25yd high knees

    The Thang

    Mosey (Approx: 0.4mi) up Hillsdale Blvd to the front of the school parking lot
    20 lunges then 20 diamond pushups alternate to end of lot.
    Plank up and wait for 6

    Mosey (Approx: 0.6mi) through the neighborhood to Beresford Park
    Skate Park: (Partner Up)
    5 Box Jumps to Grind Wall
    5 Burpees

    5 sets: One partner doing each exercise switch when both complete respective set

    Mosey to HHS 31st Street Lot (Approx: 0.5mi)
    25 SSH (IC)
    25 Jump squats (OYO)
    25 SSH (IC)

    Mosey to Football Field (Approx: 0.3 mi)
    6 Minutes of Mary
    25 LBC
    25 reps of High flutters, low flutters, high dollies, low dollies all in cadence

    Mosey to AO Stands
    2 rounds with a partner
    25 Tricep Dips
    10 Uneven merkins on bleachers 5 each side

    Cool down lap

    COT/Name o rama:

    Pax who rolled their Tough Mudder registration have October 8, 2018 on the calendar for the next event in Sonoma. Cerveza salute was had as is AO tradition.

    Naked Moleskin:

    11 pax posted and kicked off the Christmas weekend festivities the right way…with a beat down. Mumble chatter included comments that YHC introduced some pax to uncharted territory of the AO. Solid turnout on a heavy travel weekend.

    Coffeteria: Once again pax traveled further toward the Bay to the Whole Foods/Peet’s/Starbucks center. This place has it all!

    Its resolution time EH opportunities abound. Subprime has the final Q of 2017, we are in need of a Q line up for January. Let Hammer know which date you will take.


  22. 12/30/2017

    QIC: Sub-prime

    PAX: Turnimus, Bada Bing, VanGogh, Shanerock, Hammer, El Pastor, Rudy,


    Lap around the track
    17 Side straddle hops – in cadence
    17 Heisman – in cadence
    17 Standing mountain climbers – in cadence
    17 Punches (2 jabs/2 uppercuts) – in cadence

    Stretching – Circle up at the 50

    17 Cherry pickers
    17 Quad stretches
    17 Hamstring stretches
    17 Butt stretches
    17 Hug yourself
    17 Big arm circles
    Lap around the track

    The Thang

    100 + 18 Merkins in 5 minutes
    4 Corners (to the goal lines) x 4
    18 Squats
    18 LBCs
    18 Lunges
    18 Back Rows
    18s – Shoulder Presses/Dips
    Lap around the track to end the workout

    Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peet’s

    Happy New Year!! Get There!!



  23. 1/6/18

    QIC: Hammer

    PAX: Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Helo, Wolvie, FNG Docent, Van Gogh

    Warm up

    Single lap on track

    From the goal line:

    High knees to the 50 and back, 25 SSHs x 2

    Side shuffle to the 50 and back, 25 SSHs x 2

    The Thang

    Indian run- 2 laps

    11s from side line to side line- Air squats and LBCs

    Indian run- 2 laps

    Mosey to the Alameda for Jacobs ladder with burpees

    Mosey back to AO for 6 MOM- flutters, dolleys, LBCs and WWI sit-ups

    From goal line- bear crawl to the 50- Crawl bear back.




    We welcomes FNG Docent to the PAX today as he noticed the F3 swag during a coffeeteria a few weeks back. Winter weather, vacation and victorious fart sacks, whatever the reason, the PAX thinned down to 7. Come on man! Get there.



  24. 1/13/2018

    QIC: Turnimus

    PAX: Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Helo, Wolvie, FNG El Jefe, Shane-Rock, Sub-Prime, Rudy, Scuban, Sailor, Data, ’88, Docent, El Pastor, Choppah, Hammer, Frijole,

    Warm up

    Overhead Arm Circles – 10 count each way

    SSH – 20 I.C.

    Imperial Walkers – 20 I.C.

    Toe Touches – 10 sec.

    Standing Hamstring and Quad stretches

    The Thang

    Mosey to the football field from the parking lot and start with a lap around the track. Have the Pax line up at the goal line to commence with one of the most complete routines Y.H.C. has ever completed.

    The Cooper :

    At the goal line:

    10 Burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins.

    Indian Run Lap around track.

    9,Burpees, 9 Squats, 9 Merkins

    Black Snake Lap around track

    8 Burpees, 8 Squats, 8 Merkins

    “Follow Me” Lap around track (switch every 100 meters – forward, backward, side run)

    7 Burpees, 7 Squats, 7 Merkins

    Mosey Lap around track, sprints in the turns

    6 Burpees, 6 Squats, 6 Merkins

    Lap Around track, skips (high knees) in the straightaways, mosey in the turns……

    Count down as such all the way down to 1, after the last lap have PAX line up at goal line one more time for the finisher……because we embrace the suck.

    10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins.

    7 minutes to kill so we head to middle of football field and circle up. Pax on their 6’s and hold leg lift position as if going to do low flutters. First Pax get up, pushing everyones legs down while side shuffling inside the (18 man) circle. He gets back to his position, back on his 6 and the next man continues. All the while everyone holds legs above ground until your turn.




    We welcomed FNG El Jefe (the boss) to the PAX today as he was EH’d by Sweet Pea, I believe. Today’s gathering of 18 was just what the doctor ordered. A lot of old faces along with a steady showing of some the recent additions made this Q a blast! It’s been a while since we ran The Cooper so most hadn’t done it, which created a lot of buzz in the air. Talks of being better men and helping to foster a society that we all want to live in. We’ve got the next few weeks locked in as far as who’s going to Q but are still looking for that next Cerveza Salute! (VQ)

    Get There. AYE!!



  25. 2/17/18

    QIC Hammer

    PAX Helo, Docent, Data, Turnimus, Bada Bing, Sailor, Sweet Pea, Sub Prime, Ice T

    Warm up

    Lap on track
    High knees to the 50 and back.
    25 SSHs
    High Knees to the 50 and Back
    25 SSHs
    Side shuffle to then 50 and back x 2

    The Thang

    One lap Indian Run

    300s . (Partner up)
    From goal line
    Each team performs 300 LBCs, 300 Air squats, 300 Merkins
    One partner performs the exercise while other partner runs to the opposite goal line and back.
    Partners switch. Running partner continues the exercise count while other partner runs. Partners combine to complete 300 of each exercise.

    25 SSHs

    Mosey to Alameda
    Jacobs Ladder with Burpees

    Mosey back to AO

    25 SSHs



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