QSource-Messaging from the Mothership

Category: QSource

The Q is a leader who takes responsibility for the Outcome in the Groups of which he is a Member. The QSource is the collective wisdom from which the Q may draw to develop his Leadership skills as well as those of other Leaders in his Groups. It provides the Q what he needs to be Effective.

The QSource is divided into Four Quadrants:

• Q1 is The DRP (the Daily Red Pill). The DRP is about GETTING RIGHT. It is the Q’s daily commitment to accelerate his fitness, fellowship and faith in order to be a more Effective leader. Fitness is a man’s relationship with himself, fellowship is his relationship with other people and faith is his relationship with that which cannot be seen but is believed to exist.

• Q2 is IMPACT. IMPACT is about DOING RIGHT. It is the forcible contact to strong effect that the Q has on the other Members of his Groups.

• Q3 is Group Leadership. Group Leadership is about LEADING RIGHT. It is the leadership skills and characteristics the Q employs to IMPACT, build and develop his Groups.

• Q4 is Legacy. Legacy is about LEAVING RIGHT. It is what the Q leaves behind as a result of his IMPACT and Group Leadership.

First Quadrant
Q1.1 Q
Q1.2 DRP
Q1.3 King
Q1.4 Queen
Q1.5 Jester
Q1.6 M
Q1.7 Shorties
Q1.8 ShieldLock
Q1.9 Whetstone
Q1.10 Mammon
Q1.11 Prayer
Q1.12 Study
Q1.13 Meeting

Second Quadrant
Q2.2 Influence
Q2.3 Missionality
Q2.4 Positive Habit Transfer
Q2.5 Accountability
Q2.6 Correction
Q2.7 Targeting

Third Quadrant
Q3.1 Virtue
Q3.2 Virtuous Leader
Q3.3 Candor
Q3.4 Commitment
Q3.5 Competence
Q3.6 Contentment
Q3.7 Courage
Q3.8 Vision
Q3.9 Articulation
Q3.10 Persuasion
Q3.11 Exhortation
Q3.12 Leadership Foundation

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