Sailor inspires a Sunday on the couch with a leg beat down.



QIC: Sailor

PAX: Scuban, Rudy, Shanerock, El Pastor. Bada Bing, Priorities, Peyton

The Thang

10 Dips
15 Decline Merkins
20 Iron Mikes
3 Rounds

25 SSHs
30 Mountain Climbers
25 Prisoner Squats
3 Rounds

Plyo X Merkins
AMRAP (30 secs)

Jump Squats
AMRAP (30 secs)

Carolina Dry Docks
AMRAP (30 secs)

Iron Mikes
AMRAP (30 secs)

Cobra Merkins
AMRAP (30 secs)

Prisoner Squats
AMRAP (30 secs)

3 Rounds
Jump Squats (30 secs)
Iron Mikes (30 secs)
Air Squats (30 secs)
Wall Chair (90 secs)

Directional Planks (60 secs)
Jump to Alternating Armpit Planks (60 secs)
Side Arm Planks (30 sec each arm)
3 Rounds

Lunge Suicides
Forward Lunge to 10 yd line
10 merkins
Reverse Lunge to Goal Line
Continue to 20 yd line, 20 merkins
Continue in fashion repeating at each 10 yd line up to the 50 yd line



Naked Moleskin
Good to be back after missing two weeks in Hawaii, ok maybe not. Bit of a chill this morning as the Fall season starts. Hope to keep the numbers strong despite the growing chill in the air. PAX gathered on top deck of Hillsdale Mall parking lot awaiting Helo and he did not disappoint. Outstanding flyovers by Helo. Memories to carry for sure. Need to start working out the Logistics for the upcoming Tough Mudder. Inspiration was had when observing the final candidate performing in the Goruck Selection event.

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