Pax of 13 endure the return of “The Cycle” as we welcome FNG Choppa.



QIC Hammer

Pax: FNG Choppa, Mustang, Scuban, Sailor, Sub Prime, Peyton, Wolverine, Bada Bing, 88′, Turnimus, Helo, Sweet Pea

Warm Up
Lap Around the track

25 SSHs

Lap Around the Track

25 SSHs

Knee Highs to the 50 and back
Side Shuffle to the 50 and back
Knee Highs to the 50 and back
Side Shuffle to the 50 and back

The Thang

Mosey to softball field

The Cycle (Bear Crawlrama)
Lap around Turf Field

Mosey back to Flags

Mosey to The Alameda
Modified Jacobs x 7 with Merkins
25 SSHs

Mosey back to football field




This was the weekend of the Tough Mudder but it was cancelled due to the Sonoma/Napa fires. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our northern neighbors. War scars from last week’s ultimate Frisbee contest was evident with multiple turf burns. Helo EHs FNG Choppa, another Coast Guard helicopter pilot. Welcome F3 Choppa. We have multiple VQs on the schedule. Should be fun.

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