Peyton intros SF Sharknado and it rains beat downs.




ShaneRock, Hammer, 88, Scuban, SubPrime, Helo, BadaBing, El Pastor, Frijole, VanGogh, Sweetpea, Turnimus, and Peyton

40 Burpees

The Thang:
San Francisco Sharknado
40 Merkins, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 WWII Sit-Up’s, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 Scorpion Dry Docks, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 Prisoner Squats, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
5 Rounds or 60 minutes

Prayers for 2 SF PD Officers
Shoebox Toy Drive at El Pastor’s Church, email sent
Wednesday night spin class by SweetPea’s wife, email sent


Naked Moleskin:
Q showed up with “the thang” on paper – drew some curiosity – heard the roars of excitement once the SF Sharknado was explained … props to F3NWI for the exercise name and routine. Once the Q figured out how to display “the thang” on the field goal post, thanks to VanGogh, it was on for 60 minutes. The AM brought in some rain, all we needed were some sharks. Congrats to Helo and El Pastor for completing all 5 rounds. All Pax made it to round 4. Lot’s of chatter at Coffeteria; MLB World Series, NFL injuries, week day workout routines, spin classes, toy drives, student shenanigans at Bada Bing’s school, recap of OBT’s post and visit, and how to post the backblasts.
Get There!

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