Bada Bing’s VQ ends in a Cerveza Salute de Italia & bacon wrapped dogs.




QIC: Bada Bing (VQ)

PAX: Helo, Wolverine, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Van Gogh, Peyton, Scuban, Sailor, Sub Prime, Frijole, Hammer


Warm up:
Double leg hops – full ankle extension/flexion

Squat to alternating knee touches for

Lunge step – for hip and thoracic spine mobility

Lunge step to lead leg flexion/extension for hamstring

Squat with one leg extension cross over walks for ad-ductors and hips

Squat drill

Arm circles both directions
Rotational arm swings
Lateral arm swings

Knee hugs x 10 yards
Leg cradles x 10 yards
Flamingos x 10 yards
Toy soldiers x 10 yards

121’s (11 squared – to honor our veterans on Nov 11)

Alternate push ups/ sit ups with 10 yard walk up recovery in descending/ascending order: 11, 1, 10, 2, 9, 3….. to 1 push up as last set

“Playing cards” as a homage to our soldiers downtime entertainment

5 playing cards 1 on each yard line (every 5 yards): squat down lock up card, Wall for add to next card squat to put card down then squat to pick up one at a time advance to next card and repeat

“300” to tip our cap to F3 founders and all those who start small but battle the odds to grow (in F3 case) or “win” a battle when outnumbered

Run goal line to 25 yard line and each time you touch the line (foot or hand) counts as one touch until you complete 12 touches (= 300 yards)

Warm down

Favorite standing and ground stretches own choice as needed

Recovery: moretti/Peroni and bacon wrapped hot dogs and condiment of choice!!

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