Sailor brings it back to basics as the PAX welcomes FNG Scout.



QIC: Sailor


PAX: Scuban, Mountie, Hammer, Bada Bing, 88, El Pastor, Sub Prime, Sailore, Shanerock, Scout (FNG), Helo, Wolvie, Sweet Pea, Frijole, Van Gogh, Choppa


The Thang


Warm Up Lap


25 SSHs
30 Mountain Climbers
10 Merkins
2 Rounds


Hands Free Merkins (30)


Bear Crawl Burpees 100 yds (much roaring was heard)


Black Snake Indian Run around the football field, combined with PAX in plank with continued weaving


Up/Downs (60 secs) 2x


Jump Squat, Split Jacks, Squats, Wall Chair (30 secs each, Wall Chair, 60 secs) (2x)


Plyo Merkin, Carolina Dry Dock, Merkin, Plank Hold (30 secs each, Plank 60 secs) (2x)


Lunging Jacob
– Alternating Lunge up hill, merkin, run back down, lunge up hill (5x)




Prayers to Sailor’s Father in Law
Shoeboxes given to El Pastor for Toy Drive




Naked Moleskin


No Italian beers or Bacon Cheese Dogs, back to basics with some good ole fashioned beat downs. Lots of roaring, complaints of sexual noises from Scuban, and fire in the quads was had by all. We welcomed FNG Scout to the PAX as his father asked him to attend a workout and “scout” it out.   Focus for next potential shovel planting in the South Bay will be discussed further. Looking forward to some Turkey Football, make sure you bring a dark and light jersey, and then F3 night at the Tank. Bada Bing bringing up the idea for a college football outing after coffeteria next week, maybe? Some good games going on for 11/25, OSU vs. Michigan, Auburn vs. Alabama (Go War Eagle), etc. Let’s make it happen people. Peace out!


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