Inaugural Golden State F3 Turkey Bowl ends at 35-28 as the PAX wins.

5C602E22-3613-4823-A0F0-F51678B3DCF3Inaugural F3 Turkey Bowl 2017

PAX.  Cheddah, Scout, El Pastor, Radar, Mountie, Scuban, Helo, Hammer, Bada Bing, Turnimus, Sailor

This Thanksgiving started with a 5 on 5 carving of the grid iron.   The game ended up being an offensive showcase as all defense was left in the fart sacks.   El Pastor was the only one smart enough to wear cleats, however this did spur on chants of “cleat-gate”.    The game ended with Mountie’s catch and dart to the end zone.   35-28.  Most importantly, there were no major injuries but many of the PAX walked off in a Fred Sanford-like gate.



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