Subprime delivers a primo VQ to a record PAX of 23. Monterey clown car visits and we welcome F3 Droid.



QIC: Subprime (VQ)
PAX: Turnamis, Hammer, Radar, Sailor, VanGogh, Helo, Mountie, Bada Bing, Scuban, Rudy, 88′, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sweet Pea, Wolvie, Shanerock, Frijole, El Pastor, Shark Bait, Priorties, FNG Droid (23 total – I don’t remember all of the names)
Warm up
20 Side straddle hops
20 Heismans
25 Standing mountain climbers
10 Cherry pickers
10 Quad stretches
10 Hamstring stretches
10 Cradle stretches
10 Hug your-self
10 Big arm circles
The Thang
Nickel Cycle – softball field
Bear crawl to each base / Lunge walk back to home
5 Merkins / 5 full sit ups at each base – increase by 5 at each base
Base running x 2
Split PAX into 2 groups
One group at home and one group at 2nd
1 person runs the bases / Pax does squats while waiting (lunges for the 2nd round)
Losing team did 5 burpies
2nd base team won both times
Run to the top of the bleachers and back down
11s starting with 10 merkins and 1 dip
Single the line to the 50
LBCs every 10 yards – increased reps to match the yardline
Jacob’s Ladder
Run to the fire hydrant
1 burpie (increasing by 1 burpie up to 5)
Ended with a cerveza salute for the VQ
Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peet’s
Get there!!

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