88′ VQs a “tour de San Mateo” with a 25 rep themed beat down on the eve of The Eve.



QIC: ‘88

PAX: Helo, Turnimus, Data, Bada Bing, Peyton, Subprime, Sweet Pea, VanGogh, Shanerock, Hammer

Warm up:
1 lap at track
4x25yd striders
4x25yd side shuffle
4x25yd high knees

The Thang

Mosey (Approx: 0.4mi) up Hillsdale Blvd to the front of the school parking lot
20 lunges then 20 diamond pushups alternate to end of lot.
Plank up and wait for 6

Mosey (Approx: 0.6mi) through the neighborhood to Beresford Park
Skate Park: (Partner Up)
5 Box Jumps to Grind Wall
5 Burpees

5 sets: One partner doing each exercise switch when both complete respective set

Mosey to HHS 31st Street Lot (Approx: 0.5mi)
25 SSH (IC)
25 Jump squats (OYO)
25 SSH (IC)

Mosey to Football Field (Approx: 0.3 mi)
6 Minutes of Mary
25 LBC
25 reps of High flutters, low flutters, high dollies, low dollies all in cadence

Mosey to AO Stands
2 rounds with a partner
25 Tricep Dips
10 Uneven merkins on bleachers 5 each side

Cool down lap

COT/Name o rama:

Pax who rolled their Tough Mudder registration have October 8, 2018 on the calendar for the next event in Sonoma. Cerveza salute was had as is AO tradition.

Naked Moleskin:

11 pax posted and kicked off the Christmas weekend festivities the right way…with a beat down. Mumble chatter included comments that YHC introduced some pax to uncharted territory of the AO. Solid turnout on a heavy travel weekend.

Coffeteria: Once again pax traveled further toward the Bay to the Whole Foods/Peet’s/Starbucks center. This place has it all!

Its resolution time EH opportunities abound. Subprime has the final Q of 2017, we are in need of a Q line up for January. Let Hammer know which date you will take.

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