Pax of 8 brave the cold and Subprime’s beat down as F3 in the Golden State says adios to 2017.



QIC: Sub-prime
PAX: Turnimus, Bada Bing, VanGogh, Shanerock, Hammer, El Pastor, Rudy,
Lap around the track
17 Side straddle hops – in cadence
17 Heisman – in cadence
17 Standing mountain climbers – in cadence
17 Punches (2 jabs/2 uppercuts) – in cadence
Stretching – Circle up at the 50
17 Cherry pickers
17 Quad stretches
17 Hamstring stretches
17 Butt stretches
17 Hug yourself
17 Big arm circles
Lap around the track
The Thang
100 + 18 Merkins in 5 minutes
4 Corners (to the goal lines) x 4
18 Squats
18 LBCs
18 Lunges
18 Back Rows
18s – Shoulder Presses/Dips
Lap around the track to end the workout
Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peet’s
Happy New Year!! Get There!!

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