Bada Bing leads 16 as we welcome Tornado, Baretta and Thigh Master. We say goodbye to a SF Peninsula original. Good luck in So Cal Peyton.


QIC: Bada Bing

Pax. FNG Tornado, FNG Baretta, FNG Thigh Master, Peyton, Helo, Sub Prime, Scuban, Jefe, Sailor, Wolvie, Turnimus, Choppa, Frijole, Rudy. Hammer

1 opppsite direction turf lap
Following tonthe 10 yard line with mosey back:
Reach and twist
High knee tuck walk
Back stroke walk
Hamstring reach walk
Quad to hamstring
Lateral linge with rotation
Diagonal run
Skip series to 30 yard line and back:
Ankle skips
Mid calf
Hi knee
Diagonal run
3 sets of following:
Sumo squat x 10 reps on cadence
Prisoner squat x 15 reps on cadence
Push ups x 15 reps OYO
Side straddle hops x 25 reps on cadence
Front to back linge x 7 reps OYO
Squat jumps x 10 reps
Ant crawls to 10 yard line and back OYO
Diagonal run
Core (2 sets):
Bird dog x 8 per side
Bridge to plank x 10 reps
Strict bicycle crunch x 10 ea side
V ups x 10 reps

Namorama – where we welcomed 3 FNG’s


Chow time:
Overnight oatmeal
Breakfast sausage
Coffee (for some)

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