PAX of 16, including 4 FNGs, get the weekend started right.



QIC- Hammer

PAX- FNG Baymax, FNG Ice-T, FNG Ponzi, FNG Caesar, Turnimus, Sailor, Data, Baretta, Tornado, Sub Prime, El Pastor, Bada Bing, Sweet Pea, Docent, Rudy

Warm up

Lap on track

High knees to 50 and back. 25 SSHs x 2

Side straddle to 59 and back. 25 SSHs x 2

The thang

Indian Laps x 2

From Goal Line   Partner up.   1st guy bear crawls to the 20. (1st guy still on goal line)   Both partners perform 20 LBCs.  2nd guy bear crawls to 20.   1st guy bear crawls to 40.   Both perform 20 LBCs.   This continues every 20 yards until opposite goal line reached.

Then return to opposite goal line by doing Crawl Bears and performing 15 Merkins instead of LBCs.

Mosey to the Alameda for Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees.  ( You’re welcome)

Mosey back to AO

From goal line.   Sprint to Center of field and circle up for 6 MoM.




Mountie had his VQ this week but had to postpone due to the flu.  Get better Mountie.   PAX was ready for a cerveza salute but instead got Hammered.   We welcomed 4 FNGs to the PAX.   Baymax, Caesar, Ponzi and Ice-T.





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