PAX of 10 endure 300s.


QIC Hammer
PAX Helo, Docent, Data, Turnimus, Bada Bing, Sailor, Sweet Pea, Sub Prime, Ice T and Shadow Man.
Warm up
Lap on track
High knees to the 50 and back.
25 SSHs
High Knees to the 50 and Back
25 SSHs
Side shuffle to then 50 and back x 2

The Thang
One lap Indian Run

300s . (Partner up)
From goal line
Each team performs 300 LBCs, 300 Air squats, 300 Merkins
One partner performs the exercise while other partner runs to the opposite goal line and back.
Partners switch. Running partner continues the exercise count while other partner runs. Partners combine to complete 300 of each exercise.

25 SSHs

Mosey to Alameda

Jacobs Ladder with Burpees

Mosey back to AO

25 SSHs



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