Turnimus Qs for nine as Bada Bing EHs a Stone.



QIC: Turnimus

Pax: Sweet Pea, Bada Bing, Frijole, El Pastor, Data, Stone (FNG), Sub Prime, Van Gogh

Warm up:
(In the parking lot)

Overhead Arm Circles x10 (foreward and back)
Crossbody Arm stretches, each arm 10 count
Shoulder stretches 10 count
Hamstring stretches, each leg 10 count
Quadricep stretches, each leg 10 count

Getting Warmer :

SSHs x 25 I.C.
Imperial Walkers, 3 count I.C. x 25
High Knees, 3 count I.C. x 25

25 Merkins o.y.o.
25 Air Squats o.y.o.
25 L.B.C.’s o.y.o.
Rinse and Repeat, 3 more times

0.75 Mile Mosey up and down the Alameda for retrieval of coupons (23 lb retaining wall blocks/stones)
Block Brigade the coupons to the A.O. 9 PAX + 20 blocks = 2 fun filled trips

Carry blocks to the goal line and line up.

Quarter Pounder:
-Sprint to the 25 yard line, 25 merkins, run backwards to the goal line, plank up and wait for the 6.
-Sprint to the 50, 50 air squats, run backwards to the goal line, plank up
-Sprint to the opposite 25, 75 Mtn. Climbers, run backwards to the goal line, plank.
-Sprint to opposite goal, 100 SSHs, run backwards to opposite goal line, plank.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese:
-Rinse and Repeat with coupons in hand the whole way.

We had just enough time to block brigade the coupons to a safe and secure location on the A.O. so #YHC won’t have to lug these bad boys in each and every time. This also allows for anybody who has the Q to incorporate some punishment on the PAX, should he so desire.



Naked Moleskin:

9 strong and dedicated men showed up to what looked like was going to be monsoon weather. Turned out to be a glorious (although brisk) sunny California saturday! We had an FNG in Stone, who was doing bleachers the previous Saturday. Bada Bing brought the E.H. and wrangled him in. Next week, we are going to be blessed by having a member of PAX royalty lead the Q. OBT will be delivering a beatdown Saturday AND Sunday, along with speaking at the men’s conference. It’s sure to be educational, if not torturous. I can’t wait to embrace the suck!!!

Get there!!

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