All were lucky with Sub Prime’s Hill Yeah beat down. Frijole EHs Fraiser.




QIC: Subprime

Pax: Gilligan, Frijole, Hammer, Scubin, Sweet Pea, Helo, Turnamis, Bada Bing, Stone, Cesar, Ice-T, Van Gogh, Sailor, FNG Frasier, and guest appearance by 88 to take the selfie

Lap around the track
17 Side straddle hops – in cadence
17 Heisman – in cadence
17 Standing mountain climbers – in cadence
17 Punches (2 jabs/2 uppercuts) – in cadence
Indian Run

Side Stretches
Quad stretches
Hamstring stretches
Butt stretches
Hug yourself
Big arm circles (forward/backward)
Overhead arm stretch

Fire brigade to get the coupons
4 Corners (with the coupons) x 4
12 Squats
24 Merkins
12 Lunges – each leg
12 Back Rows

1 more round without the coupons, getting rid of the weight slowing us down.

Shoulder Press (with coupon)/Tuck Jump

Fire brigade to put the coupons back





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