Mountie VQs a pax of 13 and introduces the Alameda levels x 10.


QIC- Mountie (VQ)

PAX- El Pastor, Sub Prime, Sailor, Scuban, Mustang, Yamster, Turnimus, Ice-T, Bada Bing, Frijole, Sweet Pea, Hammer

Lap on Track- 25 Merkins

Lap on Track- 25 SSHs

Lap on Track- 25 Air Squats

Lap on Track- 25 Burpees

Mosey to the Alameda

10 Levels of the Alameda were ran with Burpees increasing by 1 each level

Mosey back to the goal line

Blackjack with Air Squats and Merkins    From the goal line, bear crawl to the 15, perform 1 merkin, run back to the goal line, 20 Air squats.   You know how the rest goes.


Cerveza Salute



The long awaited Mountie VQ did not disappoint.   While the B.B. seems brief, do not be fooled.   This was a world class beat down.   For those who have not posted at Hill Yeah, the Alameda is no joke.   No FNGs but this week did see the return of Mustang and Yamster.    88’ has the Q next Sat as F3 SF Peninsula creeps up on the 2 year anniversary.




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