Baseball themed beat down delivered by 88’.


QIC: ‘88

PAX: Helo, Turnimus, Bada Bing, Subprime, Hammer, Scuban, Sailor, Gilligan, Frijole, Ice-T, Mountie, El Pastor

Warm up:
1 lap at track

The Thang
Grab coupons and mosey to center of football field

Warm up- BB field
81 squats with or without coupons
81 mountain climbers on coupons
81 SSH

9 Inning Ladder OYO (9 of each exercise reduce by 1 each inning
Jump squats
Ski jumps over coupons
(Finish when 6 completes their 9 innings)

Mosey to SB field (no coupons)

The Cycle
Bear crawl to each base
Crawl bear back to home

One lap around softball field

Mosey to FB field
Batter- runs sideline to sideline
On deck- plank hold
Bench Wall- sits with coupons
Overhead carry coupons across field to put them back in our semi secure hiding spot.

COT/Name o rama:
13 pax of regulars, no FNGs this week.

Naked Moleskin:
Coffeeteria at Whole Foods seems to be a good place with the various food options so close together.

Next Saturday we recognize the 2 year anniversary of the shovel flag planted on the Peninsula. We know that Subprime will be down range to post next weekend with our brothers of the Monterey pax. We are looking for pax to Q. We need Qs in late April and beyond. As always send your Q date requests to Hammer.



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