2 Years of F3 in the Golden State. Aye!



QIC- Hammer

PAX- FNG- Dang!, Shanerock, Rosie, Yamster, Data, Bada Bing, Mustang, Turnimus, El Pastor, Helo, Van Gogh, Gilligan

Warm -Up

Lap on track

From goal line- High knees to 50 and back. 25 SSHs . Repeat

Side Shuffle to 50 and back. 25 SSHs.  Repeat

Mosey to center of track for Hands of Time with 5 Merkins at each cone. (Girardi Inspired)

Mosey to the neighbor hood for a Doc inspired Monterey Lurker.   Partner up.   First partner performs 3 Burpees as second partner runs backwards up 30th ave.   First partner finishes burpees and then sprints to partner.   Flap jack.   Continue un til the team reaches Monterey St.

Mosey to Hillsdale HS for 6 MOM.   Flutters, Dolleys, LBCs and Planks.

Mosey to the Alameda for a Lee inspired Jacobs with Burpees.




This Sat marked the 2 year anniversary for F3 SF Peninsula.  AYE!   Special thanks to Girardi, Doc, Lee and OBT.   F3 has made a huge impact on many lives in the Bay and it’s only just getting started.   Stay tuned for new Shovels in the BAY.    The success of F3 in the Golden State is due to the PAX.   Get There!!

F3 SF Peninsula PAX

88′, Aladdin, Alter Boy, Animal, Bear, Bada Bing, Baretta,Baymax,  Boom Box 40, Buttafuoco, Caesar, Casper, Cheddah, Chihuahua, Choppa, Cocktail, Croc, Dang!,   Data, Diesel, Docent, Droid, E-40, El Pastor, Fracker, Fraiser, Friar, Frijole, Gardener, Gilligan, Giselle, Grouch, Half Time, Hammer, Harbaugh, Hat Trick, Hawkett, Helo, Iceman, Ice-T, Indigo, Jefe,  KNT, Mad Hatter, MC Slug, MoMo, Mountie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mustang, Nail, Oohrah, Peyton, Placco, Ponzi, Priorities, Radar, Reco, Rhymes, Rosie, Rudy, Sailor, Samwise Gamgee, Sawdust, Scout, Scuban, Sea Biscuit, Shanerock, Sharkbait, Slacker, Strip Mall, Suave, Sub Prime, Sweet Pea, Thigh Master, Tetanus, Tornado,  Turnimus, Trouble, Two-Times, Van Gogh, Whoopie, Wolvie, Yamster, Zoomie

Visiting PAX

Girardi (Launch Q), Doc (Launch Q), Lee (Launch Q), CDC, Mama’s Boy, Ocho, Pate, Gekko, Antonio Table, Haskell, Old Bay, Pierogi,  Screen Door and of course OBT.







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