Shock n Awe, J Lo and expansion in the Bay.



QIC: Turnimus

PAX: Mustang, Bada Bing, Subprime, Hammer, Scuban, Gilligan, Ice-T, Mountie, El Pastor, Yammster, Van Gogh, Sweet Pea, Stone, Data, J Lo (FNG)

Warm up:

15 x SSH (I.C.)
15 x Imperial Walkers (I.C.)
15 x High Knees (I.C.)

Rinse and Repeat above

The Thang:

-Shock N Awe Burpees

10 Burpees, then
9 Burpees, then
8 Burpees, then
7 Burpees, then
6 Burpees…you get the idea…all the way down to
1 Burpee

We had an FNG join us by the time we got to the 4 count (Google Maps always puts FNG’s at the oppo side of the school of where we plant the shovel flags) and for this reason but also because we must embrace the suck, YHC had the PAX get through one last round of 10 additional BURPEES.
(much to the chagrin of those in attendance)

Mosey out of the parking lot for a .75 mile jog up and down the Alameda. 20 Air Squats, then 10, then 5 at the corners where we waited for some of the PAX to catch up. Back to the parking lot.

25 Merkins OYO, wait for the 6
25 Air Squats OYO, wait for the 6
25 LBC’s OYO, recover

Rinse and Repeat x4

Not a bad beatdown for the 1st 30 minutes, this is when YHC instructed the PAX to circle up at the 50 yd line of the football field. Circle up plank position while I unload the goodie bag that was already awaiting us. A couple of cones and a pigskin. We count off by 2’s and split up into teams of 8 for some good ‘ol fashion futbol americano.

Simple rules, play out the last 30 minutes, 10 yards for a first down, 2 hand touch (or shove), if you score – the other team does 10 Merkins, if you turnover the ball (INT or downs) – your team does 10 Merkins. Team A beat Team B by a score of 4-2. No major injuries this time, aside from a couple hockey like body checks on the crossing routes across the congested middle of field.


Naked Moleskin:

The Art of Manliness continues to deliver as it brought in FNG J Lo to the fold. He looks to be a solid addition to the secondary A.O. in Mountain View as he lives 5 minutes from soon to be named, Hanger 1. Speaking of Mtn. View, May 5th is quickly approaching as we look to expand in the Golden State. Sounds like we should have a solid showing and hopefully can bring some FNG’s to the launch. I know YHC will be glad to cut my Saturday morning commute in half. Shovel flags are done as me and Subprime knocked those out this weekend. Some mumble chatter at coffeteria solidified my feelings about breaking up the band, but as in F3 fashion, we must always look to give it away. This is why planting new shovels and leaping to other A.O.’s is always for the betterment of mankind. Next week is Ice-T’s VQ and you know what that means – CERVEZA SALUTE! If you don’t go, you don’t know…..SO GET THERE!



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