F3 Ultimate for Ice-T’s VQ as the PAX welcomes Mayhem.


Warmup – lap around the track

425s – sidestep to 25, back, 25 burpees
Sidestep to 50 and back, 25 squats
Sidestep to 75 and back, 25 lunges
Sidestep to 100 (end zone), run back

2 Laps of catch me if you can with 8 burpees or 15 merkins

Bolt 45

In circle, core
25 lbcs, 10 leg lift cross overs, 10 leg lift flutters

Plank 1 min, on side 45 SEC, other side 45 SEC, back to plank 1 min hold.

20 min of aerobie ultimate (ultimate frisbee). On score, other team does 10 burpees, if aerobie hits ground or out of bounds, change possession, but don’t stop game.

Lastly, wrap up with a beer!!  Cerveza salute


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