Free coupons as Scuban Qs at Hill Yeah! and welcomes FNG Angler



QIC: Scuban

PAX: Docent, Mountie, Sailor, Shanerock, Stone, Scuban, Angler (FNG)

Warm Up:
21High Knees in place
Rinse Repeat 3x

Mosey to bleachers
15 dips
15 Derkins
30 step ups
Rinse Repeat 3x

Grab a coupon mosey to goal line
Lungs walk coupon overhead 25 yards 25 o/h tri extensions
Rinse Repeat 25 squats coupon raised
Rinse Repeat 25 tri extensions
Rinse Repeat 25 squats
Recover on 6 coupon overhead legs up 90
Lunge walk 50 yards runish to goal line
Recover on 6 as before

Line up on goal line
Peter Parkers 10 yards, 10 Merkins Rinse Repeat to opposite goal line 9, 8, 7 …. Merkins

Goal line 10 yards 1 Merkin back to opposite goal line increasing Merkins each time to 10

Coupon overhead on 6 for 6 mins of Mary IC
15 low Dolly’s
15 high Dolly’s
15 low Rosie’s
15 high Rosie’s
Iron Hulks to 7 Merkins : 28 air presses
Coupon overhead runish to 25
15 overhead presses
Rinse Repeat 20 curls
Rinse Repeat 25 upright rows
Rinse Repeat 30 tri extensions
Coupon Runish 25 yards 10 squats Rinse Repeat 4x
Return coupons at coupon counter
Naked Moleskin:
Good showing to keep the light on at Hill Yeah. Missed the Hanger1 cohort. Not a lot of mumble chatter and although Q couldn’t bear crawl this week Mountie pointed out that Peterparkers are just slow bear crawls. No cervezas or BWCD’s but didnhave FNG that Hammer EHd at the AO a few weeks back, welcome commrade Angler

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