Ice T Qs with a combo of beat down and ultimate frisbee.



QIC: Ice T

PAX: Helo, Bada Bing, Gilligan, Frijole, Hammer

Mosey run to field (5 mins warm up)

25 Side straddle hops
25 Merkins
50 Lunges

2 Lap – Catch me if you can, 20 Merkins or 5 Burpees with the catch

50 yard side hop, 25 merkins
Rev Side hop, 25 Lunges
Reverse run, 25 Burpees
Forward run, 25 Squats

2 rounds of:
50 yard bear crawl forward, lunges coming back
bear crawl reverse, run back

Ultimate frisbee, 3×3
2pts for wood goal, 1 pt for fence goal
Run or throw, can’t stop
Hits the ground, other team gets it
Out of bounds, 20 burpees


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