Bada Bing Qs a Snap, Crackle, POP as the PAX welcomes FNG McCleod and Radar returns.

QIC- Bada Bing
PAX- Ice-T, Sailor, FNG McCleod, El Pastor, Radar
Snap, crackle, pop session (for us “respect” guys at least):
Knee hugs
Leg cradles
One jog lap
Toy soldiers
Chain breakers
Beatdown 1:
Iron Pax Challenge
Beatdown 2:
1. Blades of Steele 1×10 in cadence
2. Belching – on Q’s call, down and back (football field), broken into 25 yd segments
3. Black Jack – 1 coupon squat, coupon carry across football field, 20 “coupon Jax” (hands on the coupon in an up merkin position, legs move in side straddle hop pattern. Done in a ascending/descending fashion for rep count.

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