Pax of 6 were treated to a Frijole beatdown. Aye!!

QIC: Frijole
PAX: Bada Bing, Hammer, Helo, Sweet Pea, Stone
In honor of Sweet Pea’s 20th Year Anniversary with Bank of America, all sets/yardage were in increments of 20 (Or 20 was somewhat incorporated).
-20 Side Straddle Hops (in cadence)
-20 Merkins (in cadence)
-20 Air Squats (In cadence)
-Indian Run – 2 Laps
Goal Line:
-“BRB” = “Bear, Run, Bear”: Bear crawl to 20 yard line, run to opposite 20 yard line, bear crawl to goal line.  Repeat on the way back, doing Crawl Bears.

-“JRJ” = “Jump, Run, Jump”: Frog jump to 20 yard line, run to opposite 20 yard line, frog jump to goal line.  Repeat on the way back.
10 Count
Goal Line:
-20 Dying Cockroaches (aka “Dead Bugs”) (In cadence)
-20 Low-flutters (In cadence)
-20 high dolleys (In cadence)
-Modified “Doracides”: Partner up, PAX of 2 had to collectively complete 100 air squats.  While PAX #1 did air squats, PAX #2 did suicides from the goal line to the 5, 10, 15, and 20 yard line.  Once completed, PAX #1 & #2 switch, pick up on air squats where PAX #1 left off, rinse and repeat until 100 squats are completed.
-Ultimate Frisbee for 30 men’s (3 vs 3) – No Stop.  Score 7-6! If defense gives up a score, 5 burpees.
-End with 2 minute plank

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