Subprime takes the reigns as F3 in the Golden State continues to grow

Well, lots of good stuff happening in the great state of California for the F3 Nation.

  1. Subprime takes over as Nan’Tan for F3SFPeninsula. Growth Cometh!!
  2. Cutters launches in Oakland. F3 in The Town
  3. Gold Rush continues to grow and becomes the model for Region growth in the Nation
  4. F3 Marin continues to offer Saturday beatdowns
  5. Sunshine continues with Tuesdays at F3 in the City (San Francisco)
  6. F3 Monterey remains a strong Pax in one of the great AOs in the Nation
  7. F3 Poway holds down the southern Pax in San Diego
  8. GrowRuck comes to the Golden State in November

2021 will be a great year for F3 in the Golden State.

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