88′ VQs a “tour de San Mateo” with a 25 rep themed beat down on the eve of The Eve.



QIC: ‘88

PAX: Helo, Turnimus, Data, Bada Bing, Peyton, Subprime, Sweet Pea, VanGogh, Shanerock, Hammer

Warm up:
1 lap at track
4x25yd striders
4x25yd side shuffle
4x25yd high knees

The Thang

Mosey (Approx: 0.4mi) up Hillsdale Blvd to the front of the school parking lot
20 lunges then 20 diamond pushups alternate to end of lot.
Plank up and wait for 6

Mosey (Approx: 0.6mi) through the neighborhood to Beresford Park
Skate Park: (Partner Up)
5 Box Jumps to Grind Wall
5 Burpees

5 sets: One partner doing each exercise switch when both complete respective set

Mosey to HHS 31st Street Lot (Approx: 0.5mi)
25 SSH (IC)
25 Jump squats (OYO)
25 SSH (IC)

Mosey to Football Field (Approx: 0.3 mi)
6 Minutes of Mary
25 LBC
25 reps of High flutters, low flutters, high dollies, low dollies all in cadence

Mosey to AO Stands
2 rounds with a partner
25 Tricep Dips
10 Uneven merkins on bleachers 5 each side

Cool down lap

COT/Name o rama:

Pax who rolled their Tough Mudder registration have October 8, 2018 on the calendar for the next event in Sonoma. Cerveza salute was had as is AO tradition.

Naked Moleskin:

11 pax posted and kicked off the Christmas weekend festivities the right way…with a beat down. Mumble chatter included comments that YHC introduced some pax to uncharted territory of the AO. Solid turnout on a heavy travel weekend.

Coffeteria: Once again pax traveled further toward the Bay to the Whole Foods/Peet’s/Starbucks center. This place has it all!

Its resolution time EH opportunities abound. Subprime has the final Q of 2017, we are in need of a Q line up for January. Let Hammer know which date you will take.

Turnimus Qs prior to Running with the Cops. Nextdoor brings the PAX FNG Data.




QIC: Turnimus
PAX: VanGogh, Bada Bing, FNG Data, Peyton, Choppa, Turnimus
Warm up :
10 Overhead Arm Circles (front and back)
10 Cross body arm stretch (left and right)
15 Imperial Walkers I.C. 3ct
20 SSH
15 High Knees I.C. 3ct
1 Black Snake lap around the track
-Take an Indian Run, but the last guy has to weave his way through the Pax to the front of the line.
Thang :
Mosey back to the parking lot. Circle Up.
100 Merkins in 5 minutes.
-This should be tough and precaution was giving to pace. If this was easy for you, you not getting enough of a bend in the elbows. No protractors were brought.
Block Brigade
-Mosey to the truck to grab our coupons. Unload the concrete blocks, brigade style. As instructed by the QIC, we kept the blocks overhead, until everyone had a coupon in the air, then we walk back to the A.O……blocks overhead the whole way. Line up at the sideline, blocks in front of you.
Black Jack
-Start on the sideline of the football field. Perform 20 Overhead Shoulder Presses with block – run to other sideline – perform 1 Merkin. Run back and do 19 Overhead Shoulder Presses with block. Run back for 2 Merkins. Repeat until you do 1 Overhead Shoulder Press and 20 Merkins, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK!
1 Black Snake lap around the track.
Colt 45’s
-Grab those coupons….15 reps from the bottom of the movement up to the halfway point of a curl. 15 reps from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl. 15 reps Start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up. O.Y.O.
Triple Check
-3 men did a while sit, while 2 planked and 2 ran across the width of football field and back.
AMRAP to finish off the last 10 minutes.
Prayers and thought of support go out to Bada Bing’s parents and especially to his father who is dealing with Alzheimer’s and health issues related to the disease.
Today’s group was a lean, mean, fighting machine and we dubbed ourselves the Magnificent 7.
Scuban’s social media skills came thru as he snared in an FNG. Welcome DATA via the Nextdoor app. Much chatter was had about how the group aspect of the workout is the only reason we are out there. Sad Clown syndrome being defeated by fellowship. Leave no man behind, But leave no man where you found him.
Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peets as this is quickly turning into the Pax’s preferred location.
Another VQ on deck next Saturday as ’88 takes the helm. #cervezasalute in order
Get there!!


Sharks Win!!

The PAX headed to the Tank to support the Sharks as the Mothership Carolina Hurricanes came into San Jose.   The Hurricanes took a 1st period 3 goal lead.   The Sharks chipped away as they came roaring back to tie the game by the end of the 3rd period, 4-4.   20 seconds into the OT the Sharks scored to win 5-4.


Subprime delivers a primo VQ to a record PAX of 23. Monterey clown car visits and we welcome F3 Droid.



QIC: Subprime (VQ)
PAX: Turnamis, Hammer, Radar, Sailor, VanGogh, Helo, Mountie, Bada Bing, Scuban, Rudy, 88′, Mrs. Doubtfire, Sweet Pea, Wolvie, Shanerock, Frijole, El Pastor, Shark Bait, Priorties, FNG Droid (23 total – I don’t remember all of the names)
Warm up
20 Side straddle hops
20 Heismans
25 Standing mountain climbers
10 Cherry pickers
10 Quad stretches
10 Hamstring stretches
10 Cradle stretches
10 Hug your-self
10 Big arm circles
The Thang
Nickel Cycle – softball field
Bear crawl to each base / Lunge walk back to home
5 Merkins / 5 full sit ups at each base – increase by 5 at each base
Base running x 2
Split PAX into 2 groups
One group at home and one group at 2nd
1 person runs the bases / Pax does squats while waiting (lunges for the 2nd round)
Losing team did 5 burpies
2nd base team won both times
Run to the top of the bleachers and back down
11s starting with 10 merkins and 1 dip
Single the line to the 50
LBCs every 10 yards – increased reps to match the yardline
Jacob’s Ladder
Run to the fire hydrant
1 burpie (increasing by 1 burpie up to 5)
Ended with a cerveza salute for the VQ
Coffeteria at Whole Foods/Peet’s
Get there!!

PAX of 8 got better post F3 Turkey Bowl and tryptophan ingestion.



QIC: Hammer

PAX: Sub Prime, Helo, Bada Bing, Oohrah, Radar, Peyton, 88′

Warm up-

1 lap on track

From goal line:
25 SSHs
High Knees to the 50 and back
Side shuffles to 50 and back
25 SSHs
High Knees to the 50 and back
Side Shuffles to the 50 and back

The thang

1 Mile Indian run (4 track laps)

from the goal line
Run to the 10/perform 10 air squats
run to the 20/20 LBCs
repeat until you reach opposite goal line

repeat coming back

1/2 Mile Indian run (2 track laps)

Mosey to the Alameda

Jacobs ladder with air squats with additional extension run to the top

Mosey back to the AO

1/2 Mile Indian run (2 track laps)



F3 football on Thursday, tryptophan, holiday weekend and the fart sack, all contributing factors for a lean PAX today. 8 went out and got better with a run inspired game plan. Hope everyone is enjoying a restful weekend with family and friends. Sweet Pea has his VQ next week. Get there!!


Inaugural Golden State F3 Turkey Bowl ends at 35-28 as the PAX wins.

5C602E22-3613-4823-A0F0-F51678B3DCF3Inaugural F3 Turkey Bowl 2017

PAX.  Cheddah, Scout, El Pastor, Radar, Mountie, Scuban, Helo, Hammer, Bada Bing, Turnimus, Sailor

This Thanksgiving started with a 5 on 5 carving of the grid iron.   The game ended up being an offensive showcase as all defense was left in the fart sacks.   El Pastor was the only one smart enough to wear cleats, however this did spur on chants of “cleat-gate”.    The game ended with Mountie’s catch and dart to the end zone.   35-28.  Most importantly, there were no major injuries but many of the PAX walked off in a Fred Sanford-like gate.



Sailor brings it back to basics as the PAX welcomes FNG Scout.



QIC: Sailor


PAX: Scuban, Mountie, Hammer, Bada Bing, 88, El Pastor, Sub Prime, Sailore, Shanerock, Scout (FNG), Helo, Wolvie, Sweet Pea, Frijole, Van Gogh, Choppa


The Thang


Warm Up Lap


25 SSHs
30 Mountain Climbers
10 Merkins
2 Rounds


Hands Free Merkins (30)


Bear Crawl Burpees 100 yds (much roaring was heard)


Black Snake Indian Run around the football field, combined with PAX in plank with continued weaving


Up/Downs (60 secs) 2x


Jump Squat, Split Jacks, Squats, Wall Chair (30 secs each, Wall Chair, 60 secs) (2x)


Plyo Merkin, Carolina Dry Dock, Merkin, Plank Hold (30 secs each, Plank 60 secs) (2x)


Lunging Jacob
– Alternating Lunge up hill, merkin, run back down, lunge up hill (5x)




Prayers to Sailor’s Father in Law
Shoeboxes given to El Pastor for Toy Drive




Naked Moleskin


No Italian beers or Bacon Cheese Dogs, back to basics with some good ole fashioned beat downs. Lots of roaring, complaints of sexual noises from Scuban, and fire in the quads was had by all. We welcomed FNG Scout to the PAX as his father asked him to attend a workout and “scout” it out.   Focus for next potential shovel planting in the South Bay will be discussed further. Looking forward to some Turkey Football, make sure you bring a dark and light jersey, and then F3 night at the Tank. Bada Bing bringing up the idea for a college football outing after coffeteria next week, maybe? Some good games going on for 11/25, OSU vs. Michigan, Auburn vs. Alabama (Go War Eagle), etc. Let’s make it happen people. Peace out!


Bada Bing’s VQ ends in a Cerveza Salute de Italia & bacon wrapped dogs.




QIC: Bada Bing (VQ)

PAX: Helo, Wolverine, Sweet Pea, Turnimus, Van Gogh, Peyton, Scuban, Sailor, Sub Prime, Frijole, Hammer


Warm up:
Double leg hops – full ankle extension/flexion

Squat to alternating knee touches for

Lunge step – for hip and thoracic spine mobility

Lunge step to lead leg flexion/extension for hamstring

Squat with one leg extension cross over walks for ad-ductors and hips

Squat drill

Arm circles both directions
Rotational arm swings
Lateral arm swings

Knee hugs x 10 yards
Leg cradles x 10 yards
Flamingos x 10 yards
Toy soldiers x 10 yards

121’s (11 squared – to honor our veterans on Nov 11)

Alternate push ups/ sit ups with 10 yard walk up recovery in descending/ascending order: 11, 1, 10, 2, 9, 3….. to 1 push up as last set

“Playing cards” as a homage to our soldiers downtime entertainment

5 playing cards 1 on each yard line (every 5 yards): squat down lock up card, Wall for add to next card squat to put card down then squat to pick up one at a time advance to next card and repeat

“300” to tip our cap to F3 founders and all those who start small but battle the odds to grow (in F3 case) or “win” a battle when outnumbered

Run goal line to 25 yard line and each time you touch the line (foot or hand) counts as one touch until you complete 12 touches (= 300 yards)

Warm down

Favorite standing and ground stretches own choice as needed

Recovery: moretti/Peroni and bacon wrapped hot dogs and condiment of choice!!

Peyton intros SF Sharknado and it rains beat downs.




ShaneRock, Hammer, 88, Scuban, SubPrime, Helo, BadaBing, El Pastor, Frijole, VanGogh, Sweetpea, Turnimus, and Peyton

40 Burpees

The Thang:
San Francisco Sharknado
40 Merkins, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 WWII Sit-Up’s, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 Scorpion Dry Docks, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
40 Prisoner Squats, 4 sprints to the 40 YL and back
5 Rounds or 60 minutes

Prayers for 2 SF PD Officers
Shoebox Toy Drive at El Pastor’s Church, email sent
Wednesday night spin class by SweetPea’s wife, email sent


Naked Moleskin:
Q showed up with “the thang” on paper – drew some curiosity – heard the roars of excitement once the SF Sharknado was explained … props to F3NWI for the exercise name and routine. Once the Q figured out how to display “the thang” on the field goal post, thanks to VanGogh, it was on for 60 minutes. The AM brought in some rain, all we needed were some sharks. Congrats to Helo and El Pastor for completing all 5 rounds. All Pax made it to round 4. Lot’s of chatter at Coffeteria; MLB World Series, NFL injuries, week day workout routines, spin classes, toy drives, student shenanigans at Bada Bing’s school, recap of OBT’s post and visit, and how to post the backblasts.
Get There!

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