The PAX is the group of men who have made F3 part of their lives.

Once a FNG has posted to a F3 workout, he receives his F3 name.   One rule when receiving your F3 name: DO NOT try to name yourself.   The PAX names all FNGs.

Here is the PAX of F3 SF Peninsula

88′, Aladdin, Alter Boy, Angler, Animal, Bear, Bada Bing, Baja, Baretta, Baymax,  Big Bird, Big Daddy, Birdie, Blanks, Bob, Bolt, Boom Box 40, Boot, Buttafuoco, Caesar, Casper, Cheddah, Chief, Chihuahua, Choo Choo, Choppa, Chowda, Chief, Corky, Cocktail, Cream Puff, Croc, Dang!, Data, Diego,  Diesel, Docent, Droid, Duffy, Earthquake, E-40, Edison, El Pastor, Foo Foo, Fracker, Fraiser, Friar, Frijole, Gardener, Gilligan, Giselle, Gronek, Grouch, Half Time, Hammer, Harbaugh, Hat Trick, Hawkett, HazMat, Helo, Iceman, Ice-T, Indigo, Jefe,  J Lo, Jock, Kaiser, KNT, Mad Hatter, Mayhem, MC, MacLeod, MC Slug, MoMo, Monkey Wrench, Monster, Mountie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mustang, Nail, Oohrah, Peyton, Pirate, Placco, Pony Boy, Ponzi, Preppy, Priorities, Prius, Puff, Radar, Ratchet, Reco, Rhymes, R.M.O., Road Rash, Rosie, Rudy, Sailor, Samwise Gamgee, Sawdust, Scout, Scuban, Sea Biscuit, Segway, Sequel, Shanerock, Sharkbait, Slacker, Slayer, Speedo, Spicoli, Strip Mall, Suave, Sub Prime, Sweeper, Sweet Pea, Tardy, Teflon, Thigh Master, Tetanus, Thin Crust, Tornado, Turbine, Turnimus, Trouble, Tweety Bird, Two-Times, Uncle Buck, Van Gogh, Venom, Virus, Wall Street, Whoopie, Wild Thang, Wolvie, XRay, Yamster, You Betcha, Zelda, Zoomie

Visiting PAX

Girardi (Launch Q), Doc (Launch Q), Lee (Launch Q), CDC, Clueless, CoCo Crisp, Dreamliner, Guitar Hero, Huggy Bear, Mama’s Boy, Knee Jerk, Pitino, Ocho, Pate, Gekko, Antonio Table, Haskell, Old Bay, Pierogi, Pet Sounds, Stroller, Trinity, Screen Door and of course OBT.

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